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Still Waiting For Things To Improve? Or Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

Do You Want To Become Confident, Attract The Women YOU Want And Start A Relationship With Your Dream Girl? Then Read On…

Here You Will Find The Proven Method For Changing Your Life!

Hot girlHey man,

Do you want to become successful with women? Or are you looking to start a relationship with the girl you always wanted? No matter what your goal is, you have to start with the one thing that will make all the difference!

No, that’s not your appearance, physique, or the size of your… bank account!

It’s the most important factor that will turn you from average to attractive. It’s what makes a woman choose YOU over all the other men; what makes her want to stay with you!

This one thing is your MINDSET!

With the right mindset: 1) you will always stand out from other men 2) you will always have the opportunity to date the hottest women 3) you will always have people respecting and looking up to you 4) and if you decide to settle down with someone, she will never think about leaving you!

No, I’m not exaggerating! The right mindset can revolutionize your life! It’s the most defining difference between an average man and an alpha male.

This is where The Rules of an Alpha Male comes into play – it’s meant to change your mindset and turn you into someone women consider attractive!

The Rules of an Alpha Male will provide you with the foundation – the alpha male mentality – that will turn you into a more confident version of yourself. Doesn’t matter whether you intend to seduce girls, already date them, or are in a committed relationship with one. If you want to become a desirable man, then this book is for you!

In short, what I created for you here is a male empowerment program. It will teach you exactly how to become a strong and confident person and help you to go through a personal transformation that will turn you into a better version of yourself!

By the time you have finished this book, you’ll know exactly:The rules of an alpha male cover

  • How to get rid of the nice guy syndrome and become someone women want!
  • What it takes to become an alpha male and how you can do it too!
  • How to master social situations!
  • Why some men can effortlessly get women while others can’t!
  • What women respond to and how you can give it to them!
  • How to lead a long and healthy relationship!
  • How to demonstrate traits that are considered attractive!
  • How to lead a fulfilled life!
  • And much more!

While the goal of this book is to help you to get better with women, whether you’re single or already in a relationship, it goes beyond that. It focuses on improving your inner-self – someone who attracts women naturally – and giving you the strength to become who you always wanted to be.

This book can become a real eye opener for you if you still believe, for whatever reason, that hot girls wouldn’t be interested in you or can’t figure out why the guy you consider a jackass still gets laid more than you do. You will learn the secret to his success and what you can do to replicate it.

The Rules of an Alpha Male will give you a new attitude on how to live your life, how you talk to women and other people, but even more importantly, how you see yourself and the world around you. It will challenge many of your world views, give you a new perspective and motivate you to push yourself to reach your true potential.

If you follow the advice in this book to the letter, it’s going to be the only thing you will ever need to become successful not only with the opposite sex but in life general. By reading this book, you will want to change!

This is what some of my readers had to say about my book:

The first thing I immediately noticed about John’s book is how well the format was. Very clean, good table of contents, well-written, and broke up each section well (no long tedious chapters or parts)… John really knows his stuff not just in regards to getting women, but how to succeed in “life as a whole.” Don’t hesitant to buy a copy of his book, you will not be disappointed!

Eric, 26, New York City, USA

This book is a super charged summarization of how to capture the essence of what it truly means to be, not just an alpha, but the purest form of masculine energy. A culmination of the best points of Way of the Superior Man, Models, The Game, and Think and Grow Rich. If the average male has any desire of reaching his masculine potential, with both women and in life, he needs to look no further than this book and his own will to take action to get started on the journey.

Joey, 23, Connecticut, USA

Insightful, helpful, straight to the point, on point. Loved it. I think most guys have genuinely good hearts, but are too much of a pushover. This book will help men become a man. I have a gorgeous girlfriend that if i didn’t learn how to adopt the alpha male mentality, she never would have dated me. We are very happy in a loving relationship.

Anthony, 29, Burbank, CA

This is a very helpful book for everyone whether you’re a beginner or an expert it tells you all the traits that an alpha male has and shows you how to improve those traits when it comes to women and in general, it reminded me of a few things that I have forgotten and a few things I still have to work on. I recommend this book for everyone looking to improve themselves and want to become the best possible version of themselves.

Ashwell, 18 , Cape Town, South Africa

Very precise and straight forward. I especially liked about shifting your mindset.

Hyo Hoon Kim, 43, Los Angeles, USA

This manifesto is chalked full of great advice, for someone seeking self improvement. Although geared towards interacting with the fairer sex, one will find teachings concerning personal & peer development. This is due to a simple fact – if you as a man want to live a full and balanced life, you will have to endeavor in all 3 said areas.

Moe, 42, Fairborn, USA

It was very informative and got me pumped up! I read a lot of books especially self help, and each rule was well defined and written in an inspiring way… your book is one of the most thorough and provides a good explanation of what a authentic alpha male is. Thanks.

Rich, 40, Newport Beach, USA

But that’s not all. I included additional bonuses that will make your transformation even faster and effective!

The Bonuses

Be Yourself Seduction cover

Be Yourself Seduction – This book takes a deep look at how being yourself will make you an attractive man. While The Rules of an Alpha Male already touches on the concept of being yourself, this bonus takes it even further by showing you exactly how powerful of an aphrodisiac it is to women. Be Yourself Seduction will help you to bring out the true you, someone whom women love! A powerful addition to the main product!

Goal Crushers cover

Goal Crusher – To achieve greatness, you have to set goals and follow through. But if you constantly fail at it, then Goal Crusher will finally be the right program to put an end to this. Learn how to set goals the right way, how to stay motivated throughout your endeavors and how you can finally achieve everything you have set out to do! You’ll get the full package (including the ebooks, videos and audio files)!

Success Habits cover

Success Habits – Whether you want to get good with women or change your lifestyle, creating healthy habits to achieve your goals is a necessity. That’s why Success Habits will guide you through the required steps. This program is meant to take you one step at a time through the process of creating new and healthy habits (and replace your old ones). It will help you to overcome obstacles and motivate you to push yourself so you’ll eventually succeed. Full version includes ebooks, video and audio files!

Delayed Gratification cover

Achieve Breakthrough Using Delayed Gratification – Delayed gratification is something we all should develop. Especially in today’s society where we all are looking for the instant gratification, the so-called “quick fix.” This little book will teach you how to use delayed gratification in your favor. It will help you to boost your willpower as well as make life just a bit more enjoyable. If you want to become more successful with women, knowing how to stay disciplined is a valuable skill to have.

Conquer Your Fears cover

Conquer Your Fears – Fear will be your biggest obstacle when changing your life. It’s the main factor keeping you from dating the women you want! That’s why Conquer Your Fears is going to help you to get over your inner seated fears that are holding you back. It takes a look at what exactly fear is and why it’s keeping you from reaching your true potential. It also offers you 10 practical techniques for dealing and overcoming your fears.

You are probably wondering how much this program is worth…

This whole package could easily go for $300!

Even when I asked my readers, most agreed that I would be crazy to dip the prize below $70 just for my book alone.

But you know what?

Screw it!

I’m not asking a cent for it and the bonuses that come with it!

Yes, you read that right:

You will get the book The Rules of an Alpha Male + the bonuses for FREE!

Why? You might ask.

Well, it’s simple. I love helping people and want them to succeed! Nothing is better than getting messages from guys telling me how my stuff has helped them to turn their lives around! That’s why I decided to give my program away to you!

So, how exactly do you get this book and the included bonuses?

Easy, just buy one of the products I promote through the button below. This way you also get my whole program as a bonus and are guaranteed to get two quality products for the price of one! Also, to make my offer even more attractive, I included some of my bonuses to those programs as well! So, not only will you get my book with the bonuses, but you will also get the other product with additional free stuff from me!

Sounds good?


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Still not convinced? Then take a look at a preview7 Rules of an Alpha Male (seven random rules picked from the book!)

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Before you leave...
Let me send you some free advice and the book
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