An Honest GFAS Review - Is it For You?

GFAS logoIt might be exciting to play the field and just have fun but there always comes a time when you finally want to settle down with someone - a real girlfriend who loves you for who you are and will stay by your side for the long term. While for some, finding her comes naturally, others really struggle with climbing onto the dating merry-go-round; they're just too paralyzed by insecurity or anxiety and passively wait for "the one" to appear, with no actual idea how to get her.

That's why Christian Hudson, well-known for his popular male empowerment site The Social Man, created the Girlfriend Activation System or GFAS for short (referred to as from now on). This comprehensive course is designed to help every man to deal with the common romantic dilemma of finding a real girlfriend for a healthy and lasting relationship.

But let me tell you exactly how in the following GFAS review.


What Exactly Is GFAS?

I think it's important to first tell you what it is not.

It's not one of those half-assed, vague, thrown together products boasting about getting you a girlfriend but then leaving you to figure things out on your own. It's also not something that can be seen as a quick and easy fix to your problems - you have to put some effort into it if you really want to see results.

What it actually is, is a detailed, 18-hour video course that walks you through all the necessary steps so you can channel your "inner man" and become the type of guy women want to be with for the long term.

A lot of dedication and effort went into this product so you can achieve your goal of creating a real relationship with the woman of your dreams. There are also valuable bonuses that come with this course. In addition to extra videos, you get online access to guides and forums that help you build on what you've learned so far while interacting with others who are following the same path.

I'll go into much greater detail about what's included in the program later in this review. It's important, though, to understand the theory behind the material and why it really works.

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Becoming the Type of Man That Women Want

Here's the thesis behind GFAS – many of us aren't the type of man that women desire. When we're interested in someone we fall back on pick-up lines we think might work, or try and fake our way through a conversation. We're hesitant, obvious and definitely not genuine.

After detailed study and testing, and using his own system to find a beautiful and intelligent long-term partner, Christian Hudson has broken "the code." He has discovered that women fall for guys who are dominant and somewhat mysterious – but are also able to let down their guard to show what's inside, without surrendering their power.

Man looking out of windowThat's not natural for many men, so a personal transformation is required. And those changes are what Christian guides you through in GFAS: mastering your masculinity so it's obvious to the women you encounter, and changing your lifestyle and mindset so you become what he calls "boyfriend material." You learn to present yourself as the man women obsess over, and to be the man they want to be with for more than just a few dates or a single night. To put it briefly: in order to be a real boyfriend, you have to be worth it.

What Christian presents is a complete journey, and he effectively walks you through it in this video system step-by-step. I was very impressed with the organization and comprehensiveness of the program, and its ability to explain how to undergo this transformation.


What's Inside

The videos are broken up into 23 digestible segments, giving you the opportunity to feel fully comfortable with each of the subjects presented before moving on to the next. And it's not just 23 videos of Christian droning on and on; he has a number of guest coaches and experts join him throughout the presentation to explain some of the specifics and engage in some role-playing segments. There are also interactive exercises and games at each stage, partly aimed at making the process more "fun" but also helping you absorb the key information in several different ways.

GFAS demonstration

GFAS demo

The GFAS was filmed in two sections, each concentrating on one of the two primary thrusts of the program. Modules 1-11 focus on the changes you need to make, to become the type of man women will want to be with – and even obsess over. Christian and his guests deal with subjects like:

  • The qualities that women look for in a man
  • The secrets of displaying an aura of masculine power
  • The difference between being in "the friend zone" and being a romantic partner
  • The ways to become a "challenge" that women find irresistible
  • How to become approachable and genuine without giving away your masculine power
  • The important role that a dominant personality plays in attracting the right women

When presented in these small bites, the first half of the course makes complete sense and is easy to follow. They're intended to be watched over time but quite honestly, when going through the videos in order to write this review, I binge-watched them, and then went back later to watch each one more carefully to be sure I had fully grasped the material. The second time around I learned even more about the ways that a man can alter his approach to life – and women – to be a person who quality women will want as a boyfriend.

The second half of the GFAS (modules 12-23) builds on what you've learned and walks you through the way it works in real life. It's also more of a practical side of the program where you will learn the step-by-step guide to dating women. Once again with the help of guest experts and role-playing, Christian shows you how "the new you" can effectively navigate the minefields of starting, building and developing an honest and real relationship. Among the topics covered:

  • Getting women to approach you
  • Making the right first impression, what to say, and how to "pass inspection"
  • Seamlessly moving out of the "friend zone" by resetting the initial impression you've made
  • Ways to handle the first date, social dates with friends, and moving on to the next level
  • Building intimacy and trust

Whether you're someone who's relied in the past on fast talk and fast moves to grab quick and unsatisfying connections, or someone who's never been able to work up the nerve to take the first step – these are invaluable video modules which give you the tools to build or rebuild your approach to dating and relationships. After all, it's terrific to change your life to become "boyfriend material," but you also need to be able to take action. This half of the course shows you how to do that.

I've mentioned that bonuses come with the course, and I'll list those in a moment. But there are also extra video modules aimed specifically at the issues most of us face when dealing with relationship building: dealing with anxiety, building confidence when you're nervous, and overcoming self-doubt. I believe these would be particularly helpful for those who've always had difficulty approaching and talking to women.

In summary, the GFAS is a terrific and instructive video course. It walks you through a sensible and effective way to become more desirable, and then find a girlfriend for a mutually rewarding relationship.

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The GFAS: The Bonuses

Even without these bonuses, I would have written a very positive review. But when you purchase this system, you're also given access to the forums at Christian's Social Man website. You can read and post along with thousands of other guys taking the same journey toward a long-term relationship, asking questions, sharing advice or simply learning from their experiences.

There are also five bonus video seminars that come with the program:

  • A subliminal hypnosis session to boost confidence with women
  • Lessons on how to approach women and get them to open up within 30 seconds
  • The formula for maintaining "endless conversations" with women you want to get to know better
  • The right way to get a woman intrigued through texting
  • A 14-day trial of Christian's continuing seminars on men who are successful in life and business

There's always a "value" attached to bonuses like this, and I never know how people come up with the astronomical figures that the bonuses are "worth." Whether or not they're truly worth the $1000+ that Christian attaches to them, they're terrific add-ons to get for free.


The GFAS: Does It Work?

You would expect anyone selling a product to tell you that it works, and to give personal testimony about how it's helped them. Christian certainly does all of that. He explains the detailed research he put into the GFAS (which he began working on after wondering why real-life women loved the heroes in romance novels so much), and details how he tested and refined the course until he found his perfect girlfriend (who is now his fiancée).

Boyfriend embracing girlfriendIt's also common to see a number of glowing testimonials on a creator's website, with emails and letters praising the product and going into specifics on how it changed their life dramatically. Christian has plenty of those as well, and says he gets more and more of them every day.

But for the purposes of this GFAS review, I rely more on what can be verified. First, guys have bought more than 150,000 copies of this program, many on the personal recommendation of friends. And the course has been so successful that it's now in its second version, completely revised with hours of extra information, and more popular than ever.

More importantly, I've watched all of the videos several times, and have already used it to make changes in my own life. It's smart, it makes common sense, it's easy to understand and follow, it's entertaining – and it works. GFAS will teach you things about yourself that you never realized, show you areas where you can improve your lifestyle and your life, and guide you toward the changes you need to make to be dominant, powerful, genuine, and the kind of man that women want as a boyfriend.


Is it For You?

After a careful review of the course, I'm convinced this will be a game-changer for two groups of people. The first are the guys who've been out and about for their teen and adult lives, meeting women and then moving on quickly – but are now finally ready to settle down and find a real girlfriend for a real, lasting relationship. The second are the men who have very little (or no) experience, very little (or no) confidence, and very little (or no) idea how to meet the kinds of women they've dreamed about their whole lives.

Christian Hudson is very clear about the fact that GFAS isn't about learning new pick-up lines or about the types of clothes you should wear to a bar. It's about changing or reinventing yourself, to become the type of guy that women want to be with. And that takes work. You have to invest many hours into watching the videos, and as I've mentioned, I found it helpful to watch them all several times. More importantly, you have to be open-minded, willing to conduct an honest self-evaluation and ready to make changes in your outlook and lifestyle. Some might consider that the "negative" aspect of the program. I think it's a positive, though, since there's no magic bullet for finding a girlfriend worth having. If you're not willing to put in any effort, real romance is most likely never going to happen for you.

I hope this review makes it clear: this program is the first resource I've found that explains the type of men that women are looking for, and how to become that type of man. It gives you all the tools you need to find a great girlfriend for a healthy, long-term relationship.Get it here button

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