The Best Guided Meditation Online Course

A pretty blond girl meditatingMeditating without someone's guidance can be harder than you think. Can you sit in a chair or do you have to sit on the hard floor? Can you make yourself cozy or do you have to push through the uncomfortable feeling? And how exactly do you clear your head of all the thoughts that keep popping into your head? That's why the best way to start is to use a guide. But you probably already knew that, didn't you?

That's also why you are looking for a course that is best among the best guided meditation courses online, right? If you answered with a resounding "YES" then this article might interest you. Why? Because I am going to present you the meditation course that has the potential to change your life.


A Meditation Guide that Stands Out from the Rest

So, to begin, let me tell you about this online meditation course. It's very beginner friendly and you can start implementing it immediately. Maybe one of the best features of it is that it will only take you 3 minutes per session. Therefore, you don't have to worry about it interfering with your daily schedule.

The course I'm talking about is called the 3 Minute Meditations by Adam Michael Brewer. Adam is a certified wellness coach and fitness trainer as well as an excellent meditation guide who has been actively helping people around him since 1990. So you can be assured, that he knows what he is talking about.

I know for a fact how powerful meditation can be and what an impact it can leave on you once you start using it. That's why I believe that his small, but very powerful course has the potential to change your life. That is of course, if you decided to actively follow the advice in it.

But what exactly is in it? What can you expect from the 3 Minute Meditation course?

Well, the very first thing is the 28-Day Challenge to get you into the habit of meditating. It's scientifically proven that to create a habit, something that also sticks with you for the rest of your life, you have to do it for at least 21 days. That's what this little book will help you to achieve it by teaching you to meditate three minutes per day, for 28 days straight.

The second component of this package is the Audio Acceleration Package. This includes nine guided audio meditations you can follow along while you meditate. They are there to help you to make your sessions more efficient and help you to see desired results much faster.

The third building block that helps you to improve your circumstances is the Joyful Living Journal. This little book will be a nice addition to your meditation sessions and can help you on your journey to a better life.

These three small components combined can leave a huge impact on your life. When you are tired of being in a rut, then this can become the solution for you.


Sneak a Peek Inside

So there you have it. In my opinion, this is one of the best guided meditation online tutorials out there. It will teach you everything you need to know about meditation and improve your life in the process. Just take a look at it here: 3 Minute Meditations.


If you're still not convinced, take a look at the intro of the course and get to know Adam and what to expect:


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