How Can I Attract Women? – A Question by a Nice Guy

A cute girl holding her hairWhenever there is talk about attracting quality women into your life, most guys are baffled by this. They have absolutely no idea how to do it. Usually, the question on many guys minds will sound similarly like: "How can I attract women fast and effortlessly, so I can get a girlfriend and never have to do it again?".

The answer to this will be hard to swallow for most - you have to work continuously on yourself and put some effort into improving yourself so you can become a self-fulfilling person. You have to face rejection and get used to it. You have to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

I know right; you have to do hard work, and it takes effort… it sucks! But trust me, if you take it seriously and stay disciplined, you will see the results of this work. There are no shortcuts; there are no instant solutions, and the faster you accept that, the faster you will have your success.


The "Secret" to Success with Women

Like many guys, I tried to implement the "instant tactics and techniques" that were supposed to get me the women I wanted, but I never had any success with them. I failed miserably and for a long time couldn't understand why. Only after discovering the idea of an inner game, did I realize that there's much more to attraction than I thought. And after familiarizing myself with the concept, did I finally start seeing some initial results.

So, what exactly does this all mean? Some of you are still probably thinking "What's with this inner game and working on yourself bullshit when all I wanted to know is how can I attract women?"

You see, when you want a girl to like you, you need to convey certain qualities to her. If you use some techniques or tactics on her, most of the times she will see right through them. And even if you should succeed at first, she will eventually feel that something is off (your behavior isn't authentic) and lose interest in you. That's why all the lines, tactics and techniques are only band-aid solutions to much larger problems.

The problem here is your lack of confidence. No matter what you say or how you behave, or even how good your tactics and other arbitrary abilities are, a woman will eventually see through them and starts losing attraction for you (if there was any to begin with). If your behavior isn't congruent with the way you demonstrate yourself to a woman, you will always be on the losing side. Even worse is the fact, that she will probably despise you for playing with her feelings, even if this wasn't your intention.

A hot woman going to swim

Only when you have a firm belief in yourself (the self-esteem) and can demonstrate authentic alpha male behaviors to a woman, will you see this instant attraction many "dating gurus" promise you with their tactics and techniques. To get a firm belief in yourself, you have to put effort into acquiring it. You have to let go of old ideas you assumed to be true and replace them with a new mindset. You have to know, that you are a guy every woman wants to meet and will be attracted to from the moment she sees you. Only then can you start attracting quality women into your life.

Without going into too much detail here, I will say this: if you want to attract women, you have to become someone women want in their lives, and this will usually take time and effort. Nothing in this life worth having comes easy, you just have to trust the process and eventually you will succeed.


Where to Move From Here?

So, if you accept the fact that success with women comes with change but don't know yet where to start, then take a look at my recently launched course Rules of the Alpha Male. It will tell you everything you have to know about becoming a man who has success with women (an alpha male). Additionally, it will give you a good foundation of the inner game concepts and how to strengthen your beliefs in yourself.

"How can I attract women?" Well, now you know, so start working on it!

8 comments on “How Can I Attract Women? – A Question by a Nice Guy”

  1. The more I read from this Website the more I start to understand of the intense work I´ve to put in to have the Alpha Male Package ...

  2. Hey,

    i totally agree with you at this Article.

    Inner-Work is something that most guys are missing those days. Throwing out out-dated Pickuplines is kinda shooting yourself into the own foot.

    Women can smell a fake miles away, and it's not the Way attracting & dating should be.

    Putting some effort into yourself and work on your inner-belief system aswell as building up a rock-solid Mindset is one of the key factors to naturally attract women, no question about that! If someone has no confidence, Affirmations are a great Way to build it up.

    It's just amazing how much difference a well established Mindset can make when it comes down to attracting women. It's like walking into a room and deeply understand which women is checking you out and have a "sense" that she just wants you.

    Thanks for this Great Post.


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