How Improving Your Body Language Makes You Attractive

An attractive man in business suitIf you have a hard time appearing attractive to women, then this could be because you have terrible body language. When it comes to attraction, body language isn't everything, but it definitely plays a major role in it. It's also one of the easiest things you can immediately start improving on yourself.

Your body language is also one thing that will influence how you are seen by others. If you manage to display attractive qualities through your body language, you will really set yourself apart from other men.

By now you are probably wondering where to start. Well, the easiest way to improve your body language is to start with the small things, something you can change fast. After that, you could work yourself up to the bigger ones, to make a lasting impact on your body language. But let's start with the easy ones first…


How to Improve Your Body Language

The very first thing you should probably focus on when improving your body language is your posture. A correct, upright posture can make a huge difference in how you are perceived by others – you will instantly look more confident. Most likely, your posture right now makes you look like you aren't really comfortable in your own body. This is where changes to it can really do wonders.

To fix your posture, avoid things like hunching and bringing your head forward. While you stand, remember to keep your back straight, push your chest forward and shoulders back, hold your chin up and keep your hands by your sides. While sitting, you can obviously take a more relaxed pose and sit in a way that makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed. No matter whether you are standing or sitting, you should look like a guy who is very confident.

A man who is confident in his own skin, always feels at ease. Therefore, do not force yourself into a pose you think will make you look confident while you actually feel very uncomfortable in. If you are in a very rigid pose, you will not only feel uncomfortable, but also show it.

Usually a man with a confident posture will look very dominant. That's why it helps to stand a bit wider than you usually do to demonstrate a dominant body language. By occupying more physical space with your pose, you will look like a guy who is very sure in himself. This is also the very first thing people notice about you.

In your interactions with others, keeping a strong eye contact is a vital part of body language. Therefore, always keep your gaze at the person you are speaking with. Even when you don't say anything, holding long eye contact will make you look very confident. This is one thing women will always react to.

Now, there is a drawback with consciously trying to display attractive body language – you need to at all times be aware of what you're doing or you will revert back to your previous, terrible body language. This means that you aren't 100% focused on your interactions at all times. When you want to make the changes permanent you have to change one specific thing about you, and that's your mindset.


Making the Changes Permanent

If you really want to make the changes to your body language permanent, you should start improving your mindset along with the changes you make to your posture and eye contact. This is because your mindset is the actually the trait you are trying to demonstrate with your body language.

If you stay the same insecure person but improve only your body language, you will only fool women for a limited time (if ever). This is because the real you will always come through no matter how well you try to hide it behind you seemingly confident body language. But if you truly make changes to your mindset and become a confident man, you will actually start displaying the body language of a confident guy subconsciously.

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