How to Approach a Girl Without Being Creepy

Attractive redhead in whiteFor some guys, approaching a girl is probably one of the hardest challenges ever. Only the mere thought of approaching her and coming across as some weirdo, can make some freeze up on the spot. Seriously, no woman wants to date someone who is creepy!

But actually, once you get used to approaching, it isn't nearly as terrible as you would imagine. But since you are here, you obviously struggle with it. That's why below you will find 5 quick tips that can make approaching a bit easier so you know how to do it correctly.

But before you learn how to approach a girl without being creepy, you have to take a look at this course. It's from a woman, so you will know that the material taught in it isn't something that will weird girls out. In fact, it will turn you into a new man, who faces no problems approaching girls.

But now to the tips…


5 Tips on Approaching Women Without Being Creepy

1. It's only you. The one thing about approaching girls is that it's totally acceptable to do it. In fact, women expect it from you. That's why you should stop worrying about it. And if you actually stop worrying about it, you will notice that most of the time, you are the only one who thinks it's weird. Most (read: normal) women appreciate a guy approaching them and never look it as something that could be even considered as creepy.

2. Relax. Do you know what will actually happen if you stop assuming that you are creeping girls out? You will relax. You start to feel more comfortable in your own body and women will notice that. So instead of some "freak" who approaches them twitching and can not even form normal sentences to talk to them, they see a guy who is confident. If you start to feel at ease, women start to reward you for it. The only time you were called a creeper, was most likely when you actually felt this way and let it show.

3. Women have lives too. Women are people too. This means that just like you, they will have good and bad days. And you know how you feel on your bad days, do you? So if you approach a girl and she is a total bitch to you, maybe, just maybe, she is having a terrible day. Could be that when you approached her on her good day, she would be the most welcoming person ever. But since you met her on a terrible day, don't take it personally when she says something nasty to you.

4. Never take it personally. This is probably the biggest problem why guys consider themselves as creepy, when they approach girls. They take the rejection they got from one girl as a personal insult and now assume that they actually are the biggest creeps ever. But this is not who they are. Even if you approached ten girls in a row and 9 of them called you creepy, you should not identify with it. If you have positive intentions, you are not a creep. Could be that your social skills just suck…

5. Your social skills suck. This is probably the most unlikely case, but it's still a possibility. If you have trouble keeping a conversation going with anybody, then you should start working on fixing it. If you don't know how to do it, then you have two options: going out and approaching everything until you start to see improvements in your skills, or let someone else teach you.

Assuming you don't want to try the first approach, you need to start learning from someone else. And let's be honest here, it's a faster approach. This is also where we come back to the amazing course I mentioned earlier. Without going too much into details, its' called Say Hello and it will teach you how to talk to women without coming across as a creep.


Verdict: Not a Creep!

Now you should have at least a basic ideal how to approach a girl without being a creep. The best advice I can give you here is just not to worry that much about what girls think of you when you approach them. They definitely don't. And after a couple of days, they won't even remember it. So, don't worry, be happy and if you think your social skills need some polishing, check out the course!

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