How to Get a Girl Back After She Dumped You

Sad man on the floorGetting dumped by a girl isn't exactly the best feeling in the world. In fact, it's probably among the worst. Not only do you want her back after the break-up, but you can't stop thinking about her and feel like you lost a part of yourself. This is why your first step of action should be to forget about her, even if it's only for temporary.

If you keep obsessing over her, you will not be able to function normally and might do something so stupid that you are going to ruin your chances with her forever. That's why you need to build some distance between the two of you. She can only start missing you if you aren't around. So, by building some distance, she might start to miss the good times with you and decide to take you back.

But you're not here to hope or wish her back, you want to do something about it! So, let's start...


Want Her Back? Then You Better…

Now, this article isn't to make you feel good about yourself. It's to give you the harsh truth you don't want to admit to yourself. That's why I'm telling you this right now: if you got dumped, then it was probably your fault! So, if you truly want her back, you better put some effort into fixing your wrongs. There is just no other way. If someone tells you that you could get her back with ease, they are lying to you.

To get her back, you have to know the reason why she dumped you in the first place. If you don't know that, you better find out. Now, I can't possibly know what your particular reason might have been. If I tried guessing every possible cause, this article would be a very long. But the advice I can give you is: find the problem and fix it.

You found it and took care of it? Excellent, but we aren't even close to finished.

You see, if you get dumped, it usually isn't only because of one reason alone. When a woman decides to go long-term with you, she doesn't just abandon ship at the first sign of trouble. She tries to work it out and if this fails, she tries to accept it. Now, when the amount of things she has to accept becomes unbearable, she will dump your sorry ass. Therefore, you are probably facing a mountain of problems instead of just one or two.

If your problems weren't too specific, it was most likely because you lost your independence and your direction in life (if you had it to begin with). You became too complacent and let yourself go.

In your time with her, you probably gave up a lot of things for her, just so you could be with her. You probably started giving her more attention than to anyone or anything else that mattered, and this made her the center of your world. Your life revolved around her and you started depending on her to feel good.

Now, I could be wrong on this and maybe you just have to fix one small thing to win her back. But if the previous part sounded too familiar to you, then your problem was you losing touch with your masculinity. And to fix that, it takes much more than just getting rid of some problems.

So, if you truly want her back, you better start working towards this goal:

  • If you let your appearance go, then it's time to groom yourself, buy new clothes and start working out again to get in shape. You have to look as good, if not better, than when she first met you.
  • If you gave up your passion and hobbies for her, then it's time to get them back. You need to have a goal in life and not be someone who is so hopeless, that he has to rely on someone else to feel good about himself.
  • Start educating yourself. Read books and watch stuff that helps you to grow as a man.
  • Get rid of bad habits you had and replace them with something positive and inspiring.
  • Do everything in your power to improve your current situation.

Remember, when she finally meets you, you have to be a better version of your previous self. In fact, you should be even better than when she met you for the first time. She should be amazed when she sees you again. If she still has some feelings for you and sees what progress you have made, she will want to take you back.

But you also need to be prepared for the other outcome…


Sometimes Moving On is the Only Option

Sometimes, whatever you do and no matter how much you work on yourself, she still won't take you back. Maybe the reason was too severe, or she might even found someone new already. It doesn't really matter anymore – you lost her.

But does this mean that all the things you did for her were for nothing? That you just wasted your time and energy? Hell no! not only did this help you become a better man, but it made it easier for you to find a new girlfriend.

When she doesn't want you back accept it and move on. There is no point in dwelling over a girl you can not get back. At least you can always tell yourself that you actually did everything in your power to get her back, instead of just sitting on your ass and waiting for something to happen.

Trust me, she wasn't "the one" anyway. There are will always be more girls out there and it's now your duty to go meet them! Don't waste your time on dwelling over someone who doesn't want you back. It's her loss now.

From now on, just keep working on improving yourself. In fact, never stop! Especially in a new relationship. But don't do it because of her anymore, do it because of yourself. Or, if this really is such a hard concept to grasp, do it for the future woman you are going to eventually meet. And trust me, if you keep working on yourself to become a better man, your new girlfriend will be even better than your previous one – that's a guarantee!

If you need more help improving yourself, or want to know how to keep a girl from ever leaving you, you should take a look at this course. Of course, you can also apply this course when you want to get your ex back. So, better take a look at it.

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