I Just Need a Girlfriend. How Do I Get One?

A loving couple embracingHave you ever wondered how everything would change if you just got a loving girlfriend? That if you found the right one, your life would instantly become so much better? You probably have. I mean, that's why you are here, right? So, let's take a look at how exactly you can do that.

But first, we have to take a look at the reason why you are still single. This is because, if you don't eliminate it, you will stay single for a very long time. And just so you know, it doesn't have anything to do with your looks and financial status. The reason goes much deeper than that.


The Reason You're Still Single

Let's be honest here, since you want a girlfriend badly, you are most likely desperately looking for one. And this is exactly what you are doing wrong. No, not the looking part! In fact, you probably aren't looking hard enough (more on this later). Your biggest flaw is being desperate.

If you want a girlfriend desperately, every woman you encounter will sense it. And they won't respond positively to it. No girl gets excited about a guy who desperately wants to be with her. She is looking for a desirable man. A man who is going to become very needy for her affection once they're in a relationship isn't desirable nor is he boyfriend material in her mind.

Nothing kills attraction faster than desperate, needy behavior. That's why you should avoid it at all costs. This means that whenever you meet a girl, you should refrain from acting desperate around her – not treat her like she's your last and only chance to true happiness.

But nothing really helps if you think that you need to have a girlfriend…


I Just Need a Girlfriend…

There is a big difference between needing a girl and wanting one. A guy who needs a girlfriend is miserable without one.  A guy who wants one isn't hoping that she will be the source of his happiness. For this reason, you have to give up needing a girlfriend.

If you think you need to be in a relationship to be happy, then even if you pretended to be someone who isn't desperate, you won't fool a woman for very long. Your true self will always shine through. This means that often just pretending doesn't cut it – you have to become someone who isn't desperate.

Losing your neediness requires a shift in your mindset. You have to find happiness within yourself, without hoping that someone else will provide it for you. You have to realize that this kind of behavior is not healthy and eventually ruins your relationship even if you found a girl who loves you. You have to learn how to be happy even if you're single.

Now, since this article focuses on getting you a girlfriend and not how to make your happy, let's keep this part short. Basically, to become happy you need to find a passion, a goal in life and focus on that. If you have something you are working towards day to day, you'll find happiness. Oh, and this will also help you with women because they love a man who has a goal in life and passionately pursues it.


How to Get a Girlfriend

Now, this next part is vital. If you aren't planning to follow through, stop reading because you will just waste your time! But if you are willing to go all out and try to improve your current situation, then by all means, read on and discover how to get a girlfriend. How to get a girl who not only is willing to get into a relationship with you but also plans to stick around.

Do you want a girlfriend? Then go out and find her! Women can afford to be passive and just wait until the "right one" comes along, you can't. That's why sitting at home thinking "I just need a girlfriend" doesn't cut it! You have to step out of your comfort zone and actively searching for a girl. This means that you should visit places where you will run into women and talk to them.

Girls are basically everywhere, so finding them won't be a problem, you just have to get out of the house. If you're afraid of approaching them, then start with something easy and work your way up. Your first task shouldn't even be to find a girlfriend but to just get used to talking to them. In fact, forget finding one until you can actually approach a woman and can hold a conversation with her.

To get a girl interested in you, you should start enjoying your conversation with them without coming off as desperate. And if you manage to pull this off, you will notice, that they will start to respond positively to you. Then you can start flirting with them and ask them out on a date. Even if most of them reject you, this doesn't give you the excuse to just give up, you need to continue despite it. Only if you push through the rejections will you actually succeed!

All it takes to find a girlfriend is to have the courage and discipline to take small steps forward. If you can do that, you will eventually find the right one.


How to Get a Girlfriend Faster

If you want to speed up the process, then you should think about learning from someone who knows what to do. For this, I recommend that you look at the Girlfriend Activation System. It will not only help you to make the initial shift in your mindset, so you will lose your desperation and actually get motivated to find a girl, but also provides you with a step-by-step guide how to find a girlfriend. It will make you boyfriend material!

So, if you want to find a girlfriend a bit faster, give it a shot. You can read my thoughts about Girlfriend Activation System or just take a look at it yourself by visiting the official site.

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