A man and woman having a conversation.

If you’re determined to become good with women/find a girlfriend but have no idea where to start, then you should consider checking out Ignition.

  • Not because it is packed with valuable advice on improving your social life.
  • Not because it is geared towards turning you into a high-value man.
  • Not even because it provides you with the mindset and skills needed to attract women.

The real reason why you should consider Ignition is because it does more than just improve your dating gameā€”it helps you unlock a better version of yourself, becoming more confident, attractive, and fulfilled, both in relationships and beyond.

Oh, and the whole course is only $7! That’s less than a fast food meal!

But you might be wondering, what is Ignition anyway?

It is a beginner program that is packed with sound dating advice and practical techniques to help you change the way you interact with women.

But let’s dive a bit deeper…

Taking a Closer Look

Now, if the price tag alone isn’t a good enough reason to give this program a try, let me provide you with more reasons why you might want to get Ignition.

Spoiler alert: because it’s actually really good!

The Ignition program consists of 7 videos. While this might not seem like much, it covers all the obstacles you’re going to face when trying to get good with women or find a girlfriend (these two aren’t mutually exclusive).

The main program alone comes to around 3,5 hours of video content. And that’s not all. With it, you’ll also get access to many bonuses, a private forum and a free trial to another course (more on them below).

So, let’s see what Ignition is all about by going through each video (I’m going to refer to them as “chapters” because they cover different topics):

Ignite Your Awareness

The first chapter lays the foundation for the program by highlighting the most important thing a man can offer to a woman (or people in general) – and this is value. It focuses on the kinds of values you as a man can offer to a woman and teaches you how to do it.

Christian also talks about the six learning modules that he applied to his own life that took him from a chump to a successful guy with women (but also in his professional life).

Ignite Your Journey

This video introduces “the hero’s journey” – the journey you will have to take to get good with women. In this part, you will learn what to do to improve on your personal journey and how to avoid one of the biggest pitfalls beginners face when they start to rid themselves of negative traits.

You’ll also learn how to deal with rejection, embarrassment, and failure. How to become an authentic man. And are taken through the necessary steps to become someone with solid values and life goals – things that will help you with attracting girls.

Ignite Your Responses

This is basically the “how to talk to women” part of the program. Or to be more precise, how to get better responses from a woman.

It offers you various tips on eye contact, vocal tonality and projection, body language, and physical contact so your interaction with her flows smoothly and effortlessly. Additionally, it teaches you how to come across as a high-value person.

Christian also demonstrates how to actually do all of these things in live demonstrations:

Ignite Your Conversations

Now, after you started talking to her, you also need to know how to keep the conversation going. This is what this chapter is all about.

What you should know about this part is that it doesn’t give you specific examples for different situations but actually teaches you the structure of a smooth flowing conversation. This will help you to come up with things to say on your own.

You’ll also discover how to build and break rapport with a woman and get some techniques to keep a conversation from dying.

Ignite Your Game

Often guys who meet a girl start to imagine a future together with her. This usually even before they know her!

That’s why this chapter helps you to fight the very first impulse you have when meeting a girl (to try and turn her into a girlfriend ASAP) so you won’t come across as needy and desperate. It actually shows you how to “flip the script” and make her imagine a future together with you.

Just like the previous chapter, it provides you with a couple of techniques you can use to build attraction and make yourself more fun and high-status.

And just like the previous chapter, this one comes with a demonstration on how to escalate – go for the kiss, and take it even further.

Ignite Your Night

This segment goes back again to the healthy beliefs and mindset you need to have to make your nights successful. It also goes over some of the things you need to be doing in order to look like a man who has value – someone women actually will want to date.

Ignite Your Life

The final chapter takes the previous one even further and actually goes beyond just success with women. It focuses on teaching you some life values that will help you to become a high-status man – someone successful in life, someone whom women consider as a “long-term investment”.

Why Choose Ignition?

What I really like about Ignition is that it introduces you the mindset required to attract women and become someone successful in life. Most things you learn about dating apply to other areas of your life as well (and vice versa) so it makes sense to make this an integral part of the program.

But of course, there are many men who need specific examples on what to do in different situations and Ignition covers this part as well.

Christian also presents the material quite well, even in a captivating manner. At no point in his presentation did I get lost or felt like I missed something. And although the program is only 3 and a half hours long, he manages to cover a lot of ground.

So, if you’re just starting out, you will probably need to rewatch it a couple of times before you absorb everything he talks about.

So, as you can see from the chapters mentioned above, there’s a lot this program has to offer.

While it is primarily for beginners, even guys who already know something about game but are stuck in a rut will learn something from it.

Okay, let us now take a look at the bonuses…

The Bonuses

For a 7 dollar program, you normally wouldn’t expect anything extra. The Social Man, however, actually provides certain bonuses (in fact, 18 of them) to every product they offer.

These are different video and audio clips as well as written content that cover a wide range of topics (like texting girls, holding conversations, being confident, etc).

To give you a better idea of what to expect from the bonus content, here are some of the gifts you’ll get if you buy this product:

  • Endless Conversations
  • The Art of Seduction
  • Bombing Opener
  • Friends Into Lovers
  • Holiday Hookups
  • The Breathtaking Hello
  • and many more.

In total, there’s over 10 hours of extra video and audio content + some written guides.

The bonuses also include access to a private forum and trial access to another course called Superpowers.

The Good

  • Solid advice for beginners.
  • Live demonstrations.
  • A good balance of mindset advice and practical techniques.
  • Goes beyond just game, making it an excellent program for self-growth.
  • The bonuses.
  • The price!

The Bad

It is really difficult to find flaws in this program. Usually one could make the argument that a course isn’t worth the money, but this critique doesn’t apply here… it actually over-delivers.

While the presented material isn’t something revolutionary and you can find similar products (so, I guess this qualifies as “bad”) they also cost more than Ignition.



Ease of Use

Content Quality

Value for Money

Total Score:



Ignition serves as a great introductory course to everyone who is new to the dating scene and looking for advice. It provides you with the fundamental steps, skills, and techniques you need to get some results with women.

Furthermore, it also gives you the needed push to get your ass in gear and take positive steps towards changing your dating life.

I already mentioned this a couple of times in this review, but this product is extremely cheap! As a matter of fact, it is by far the cheapest product I have ever covered.

While this also means that you shouldn’t expect some kind of miracles from it, or to teach you everything there’s to know about game, it definitely provides you with enough solid, practical advice for you to start getting some successes under your belt.

If you are even slightly interested in a guide that teaches you how to become better with women, don’t hesitate to give Ignition a try.