The Magic Bullets Handbook Review

Magic Bullets book coverPersonally, I'm not really such a big fan of pick-up theories and tend to gravitate more towards using a more natural approach in my interactions with women. The Magic Bullets Handbook, however, is something I would recommend to everyone, no matter what their preferences are.

The reason why I recommend this book is that it provides you with a solid and practical step-by-step guide for all the stages of an interaction with a woman. It has the right amount of everything you need to get a girlfriend or to become successful with women (whatever you prefer).

The Magic Bullets is one of those rare books that can give you a very detailed overview how a successful pick-up should look like. It offers guys very specific advice, exact strategies and tips on what to do in any given situation when it comes to seducing women.

The book takes the reader through a wide-range of topics from the beginning of an interaction with a woman to the relationship stage. It also goes over some things other programs rarely touch on – like phone game or how to attract women in your social circle.

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Taking a Closer Look

The Magic Bullets is easy to read and isn't stuffed with pick-up terms, so a total beginner could pick it up and understand everything without spending the extra time looking up some definitions. It follows a logical pattern and every chapter stands on its own so you won't have any problems understanding them should you decide to skip some.

It can actually be the perfect tool for newbies because it addresses comprehensively their biggest hurdles – how to start a conversation with a woman, how to keep it going and how to build attraction with her. For the beginner, this book is a goldmine of solid, valuable advice and it gives the reader a massive advantage over other men.

If you are an advanced guy, this book will help you to fill the gaps you might still have in your game and give you a better understanding about pick-up. Magic Bullets also helps you to recognize where your previous attempts to attract a girl have gone wrong. Like for example, when you tried to build a connection with a girl but have done it in the wrong way or at the wrong stage of the interaction.

What I really liked about this book is that it provides guys with some inner game principles that can be rarely found in pick-up related books. You will learn a lot about seduction with the added benefit of becoming a better man in the process.

The only negative aspect I can point out about this book is that for some people it can be too detailed. This might sound a bit absurd, but for some guys, this could turn the whole picking up women into a rigid step-by-step process that could ruin the whole natural part of building attraction.

However, if you take this book not as a "book of specific rules" you have to follow to get the woman you want but a guide book to improve and further your game, you will have no problems implementing this material.

The Magic Bullets is divided into 4 different parts:

  • The first is an introductory part and talks about female psychology – it takes a look at characteristics women find attractive in a man. This part has one very interesting chapter that tells you exactly what to do when you just picked up the book and want to implement it right away (for example, if you on your way to a party).
  • The second part is the meat of the book. It gives a very comprehensive description of the emotional progression model that goes through the 7 stages of building attraction (opening, transitioning, attraction, qualification, comfort building, seduction and relationship) and how to build a romantic/sexual relationship with a woman. This part gives the most value for newbies and can really fill the missing caps some advanced guys might have in their game.
  • The third part gives a brief overview of social circles, how a day game should look like and how to use your skills in strip clubs. I liked the social circles chapter the most because it gave many examples how to attract women in your social circle and what the positive and negative consequences can be.
  • The fourth part of Magic Bullets is about the skills you need to develop and work on to become good at seducing women. It goes over topics like physical progression, dating women, storytelling, non-verbal communication, phone game and many more. This is the part of the book that goes mostly over previous chapters but at the same time gives them more details.


In Conclusion

I can only praise this book. It offers a lot of solid content that can help you to attract and seduce high-quality women, and for some, bring your game to a totally new level. Like I said earlier, it is very comprehensive and therefore should be read more than once, to experience the full benefit of it.

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