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 Mindset Products

Here are the Alpha Male Mentality approved mindset products that focus on turning you into an alpha. Buy one of them and you will get The Rules of an Alpha Male as a bonus.

Girlfriend Activation System cover

The Girlfriend Activation System

As you can already guess from the name, The Girlfriend Activation System focuses on getting you a girlfriend. Perfect if you want a step-by-step system to dating.

What you’ll learn: Everything you will ever need to know how to turn a girl you just met into a long-term partner.

Author: Christian Hudson

Price: $67

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Collection of Confidence cover

The Collection of Confidence

The Collection of Confidence is quite a unique program. It helps you to become more confident and successful with women. The whole program consists of hypnosis/meditation sessions and practical exercises.

What you’ll learn: How to become confident through self-hypnosis/meditation

Author: Hypnotica

Price: $67

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