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“Welcome to Options! Now, we wanted this to be the best messaging course the world has ever seen. And now with my hand on my heart… I can truly say that it is”.

With this bold claim, Rich James, the author, starts his course in the introductory chapter.

If I had to explain this course in a couple of sentences, then…

The Options Texting System is an online course with one single purpose: to help guys with their texting game. It is meant to give you the “power to control a girl’s emotions” through text messages, hooking her attention, and making her eager to meet you.

It is designed to be a complete and effective system with all the right elements to attract women. It’s meant for guys of all ages and experience levels.

But the lingering question is: Does it deliver? Does this course live up to its claims? Does it truly stand above the rest?

Or is this just hype with all the claims but no real substance behind it?

To find out, let’s take a close look and see if Options is legit and lives up to its promises.

The Facts

Options gives you access to a members area with 6 modules (+ a bonus module) that are split into 37 chapters. The chapters dive into different topics that are backed by case studies, techniques, formulas, tactics, and real-life text convos with women from Rich and Ed (Ed being the co-author).

While there are some videos here and there, the course is mainly text-based. At first thought, this might throw some guys off, but it actually makes sense since the course is filled with techniques and tactics that work best in written form.

A lot of chapters are also very long and cover a lot of material. So yeah, expect a lot of reading!

A look inside the course.
A look inside

Furthermore, throughout every chapter, there are several real-life text examples with various girls. I tried to nerd out by counting all of them but I gave up. There are just way too many.

I eventually noticed Rich mentioning somewhere that there are over 550+ messages from 100+ girls… which sounds about right. In fact, there are so many messages that they have a real-life example ready for almost any situation mentioned throughout the course.

Two real-life texting examples.
Two real-life conversations

The course has a clear flow and follows a logical pattern. Rich even says not to skip ahead because the order is important. It starts with the basics and moves on to more advanced stuff.

You could split the whole program into two parts:

  1. Course Theory – The theoretical part gets into the fundamentals of texting. It’ll give you the right mindset, show you what to do and what to avoid, and help you understand the whole concept of texting.
  2. Course Practice – The practical part covers everything else. You’ll get openers, re-openers, formulas, techniques, and templates to make your texts stand out.

So, based solely on the facts, this is a solid program with enough content to teach you text game. If you’re cool with reading and need texting advice along with tons of examples, different techniques, and tactics, then you can’t go wrong with this program!

You can get it from the button below:

However, if you need more than just facts, read on, because now we’re diving deeper to see what this course is truly about…

Course Theory

As someone who strongly emphasizes the importance of mindset in every course, the first module of the system didn’t do much for me. It was short, on point, and gave the exact right advice – for a complete beginner! But for someone who already has the basics down, it didn’t do much.

So I was a bit disappointed when the very first module called “Mindset Reset” ended abruptly after just 3 chapters. At that point, I even marked it as a negative point for this review.

But as I continued through the course, I realized my initial judgment was a bit rushed. The entire program consistently brings up the importance of the right mindset and attitude guys need to have to be successful.

Even when the focus shifts to practice in the second part, many chapters still include sections that stress the significance of maintaining the right mindset for this stuff to work.

So yeah, scratch the “not enough mindset” part because it has plenty of that!

And after the first module, the course picks up the pace fast. I mean, like a caffeinated roadrunner on steroids, fast! After only the second module, I firmly believe, you will feel confident enough to start texting girls!

The first three modules called “Mindset Reset,” “Your New Texting Personality,” and “The Rules,” will lay the foundation for the whole program. If you are completely new to all of this, then these modules alone are convincing reasons to enroll in this program.

Why, you might ask?

Because I had to learn exactly the same things before I was able to understand how dating dynamics work. Furthermore, it’s also the same thing (only in condensed form) I teach here on my site and in my own course.

To tell you the truth, after this part, I thought that this is it… that this is as good as it gets. Of course, that’s also because I was a bit of a dumbass and didn’t really do any proper research before.

Because what followed was really the good part!

Course Practice

Have you seen the part in the movie “The Matrix” where Neo finally embraces his powers as “The One”? He takes control of the Matrix’s code, stopping bullets like a boss, and effortlessly dispatches all the bad guys, leaving us in awe of his newfound abilities.

Well… that’s you… after you’re done with the practical part of Options!

The later modules bring out the big guns. They list over 100+ templates, openers, reopeners, techniques, and tactics you can implement to keep your texting alive.

  • They’ve got your back when girls stop replying, handing you the tools to kick-start the conversation again.
  • They help you to take control of text conversations and steer them back towards the real goal of texting – getting to meet her.
  • They help you overcome the awkwardness you feel, when you have her number but dread sending the first message by avoiding it completely.
  • They even deal with tests – where she needs confirmation that you’re the right guy for her!

What’s so impressive is that the templates, openers, and reopeners aren’t just copy-paste lines. They are essentially techniques that you can mold to fit various situations.

Some of them are truly intuitive listing countless ways for you to come up with different texts yourself… without effort. Once you read some of them, you probably have the same reaction I had – “Wow, this is so obvious (yet so brilliant) how did I not think of this?”

“But I couldn’t be creative to save my life,” I hear you say… Well, no worries! The techniques are flexible enough that even you can use them without racking your brain.

And if you really are in need of extra hand-holding and have absolutely no idea how to answer some of her texts, Options will give you specific answers to the things girls might send your way.

This prevents your chats from turning into mundane “job interviews,” where you exchange dull questions that lead nowhere while her interest in you plummets like a skydiver without a parachute.

Nope, with this material, you actually build attraction because it understands the underlying psychology (yeah I know, big word!). It gives you a good look into the female mind, coupled with loads of real-life text examples, templates, techniques, and tactics to learn from.

So, combined with the first part, this course has it all!

Need more details? Read on…

Noteworthy Features

There are quite a few things you can point out in Options that you’re not likely to find elsewhere. Here, I’ll highlight some of them that I think add a lot to the program.

Starting from “nice to have” to “holy shit, that’s amazing!”

The Flashcards

Most of the chapters come with flashcards that can be downloaded and stored on your phone. They’re like a condensed version of the chapters and are there for you when you need them most – when you need to fire off a message ASAP!

Once you’ve nailed the mindset aspect, the flashcards act as a handy reference so you won’t have to revisit chapters to remind yourself of stuff. And if you need something from the practical part, it’s presented to you in a neat, digestible format.

This effectively eliminates a common problem with information-dense courses: the need for frequent repetition.

The Bonuses

There are 5 bonus chapters. They are extensive and some even go beyond texting advice. Probably one that stands out the most for me is the one that deals with escaping the friend zone.

It features detailed case studies with different girls that shed light on how Rich successfully navigated the situation and turned things around… and how you can do the same.

While not technically a bonus, you will also get free access to the first month of the Options Academy – an 8-month course that further improves your skillset.

The Case Studies

Throughout the course, you will find many case studies that serve as teaching lessons. These case studies offer some context into the real-life text exchanges and then break down why the conversations work out so well.

They also do a good job at setting up the scene, explaining the thought process behind every move, and then delivering proof in action. So you won’t be left scratching your head trying to figure things out on your own.

The case studies help you to gain valuable insight into the psychology of why the things taught in this program are so effective.

Rainy and Summer

Options has a really interesting way of distinguishing between the two mental states women can be in. Having gone through several texting courses, I found this approach to be quite unique.

What’s more, it’s pretty on point. It explains a lot of scenarios you’ll be in when texting girls.

So the basic gist of it is that every girl has two “personas” – Summer and Rainy. They highlight the key characteristics of these moods a girl can swing between and help you to identify which one is at play.

An image of two women.
Rainy and Summer

Once you have successfully identified which persona you’re dealing with, you’ll know how to interact with her. In fact, these two personas are so central in this program, that there are two modules dedicated to each – “Flirting With Summer” and “Dealing With Rainy”.

I love this approach because it taught me something new. Thanks to Rainy and Summer, I understand why some of my texting convos have fallen flat in the past, despite having a fair bit of knowledge about texting.

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By now you already know my stance on Options, so here are some key aspects that I think take this product from good to great:

  • Actual text exchanges with real women. No imagined scenarios, but real instances of how women have responded to different texts. Every time they bring up a new concept, they have a text exchange ready to present it in action.
  • Much of the advice can also be applied to other areas of your life. For example, you find advice in Options that you generally find in books/courses that are centered around mindset.
  • This program not only equips you with useful tips but even better – it arms you with a blueprint for generating your own ideas. Sometimes this even means combining different strategies mentioned. So, with just a bit of creativity, you can come up with your own material!
  • A lot of time and effort has gone into this program. Moreover, you can see, that these guys really know their stuff and are genuinely trying to help you!
  • The price tag: Access to the Options Online Training Program is only $47.


And even though there are many positive sides to this program, I did find a few that some people might have an issue with.

  • An aggressive style of teaching stuff – I got insulted once or twice, and it still hurts (just kidding). But if you are the kind of guy who can’t take criticism, it probably isn’t for you!
  • Some real-life text examples repeat, but given the herculean task of managing about 500+ messages, that’s somewhat excusable.
  • I guess they messed up and forgot about already using one of the bonuses in the course – so yeah, one bonus repeats chapters from the main program.


So, what’s the verdict on Options? Is this really the best texting course in the whole wide world?

I don’t know…

What I do know though, is that it is the best texting course I have ever read! If you have checked out my site before, you can see that I have reviewed others before…

… and Options beats them all!

Never have I seen so many real-life texting examples in one place. Furthermore, since I already know a thing or two about texting, I didn’t get into this program expecting to learn much new… well, I was wrong!

So, Rich’s opening words aren’t just empty bragging; they’re a testament to the immense dedication and effort poured into Options.

It’s a promise that the course will serve as an invaluable tool in your quest to master the delicate art of text-based communication with women.

Or to put it plainly – it is awesome!

Even when I already knew a thing or two about texting, it still managed to teach me a lot! I would even dare to say that this one brought it to the next level!

I wish I had this course way back when I was still going out, receiving a lot of numbers, and fumbling many of them simply because I didn’t know what to do in certain situations. Sure, I did get some things right, however, I missed a lot of opportunities that this course aces!


Ease of Use

Content Quality

Value for Money

Total Score:



Damn it Rich, where were you when I needed this course the most way back then?

A funny text response.

Well… shit!

At least it’s available for you now:

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