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Texting a Girl for The First Time

A girl looking surprised at the text she got

So, you want to send a girl a text message for the first time? You better not screw this up! You do know what happens when you screw it up right? Exactly! Nothing happens! You will never get a reply from her!

How to Tease a Girl Through Text Messages

A pretty girl reading a text message

If you know how to tease a girl, you can instantly start building attraction with her. That’s why teasing her over text can also be used to your advantage.

So, if you decide to learn how to tease a girl through text messages, you first have to know some things about teasing in general.

How to Get a Girl Back After a Break Up

A man on one knee and giving flowers to girl

For a lot of guys, getting dumped by the girlfriend is probably the worst thing that can happen to them. Not only do they desperately try to win her back, but they will also lose all their common sense and start making one mistake after the other. In the end, she will never want to get back together again!

But to get her back, they have to go through a…

How to Text a Girl You Barely Know

Someones reading a text message

For some guys, sending a text message to a girl they like is a real challenge. But even harder is it to send a message to a girl you barely know, someone who you just met.

It can be a challenge coming up with things to write a girl. How should you start the message? What should you write? What to write so she definitely replies?

3 Changes You Need to Make to Attract Women

Pretty girl wearing a leather jacket

If you want to date hot women but still assume that they would only be with someone who is rich and handsome, then you better take a look at this article. Just a heads up, you will find things that will conflict with your current world views.

Things Women Find Attractive in Men

Cute girl in a swimsuit

If your goal is to become attractive to women, don’t assume that your appearance, the way you smell or having a lot of cash is all you need. You need much more than that. So, let’s find out what exactly.

What a Woman Needs in a Relationship

Pretty woman in a red blouse

There are certain things you have to account for when you get into a relationship with a girl you love. But what exactly are they? And what does that mean for you when you want to keep her happy?

Well, probably the first thing you have to do to meet her needs is to change the way you look at this relationship.

How to Naturally Attract a Woman

Hot girl with blindfold

Attracting women comes so naturally to some men. They have no problems approaching them and start a discussion. They never worry about the repercussions and can get away with stuff some men only dream about. So, how do they do that?

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