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How to Set Healthy Relationship Boundaries

A confident man setting boundaries

Having healthy boundaries in a relationship is important not only for you, but also for you partner. That’s why you have to know how to set them so both of you can have a happy and lasting relationship. Also when you lack boundaries, you might even run the risk of losing her.

How to Get Rid of Your Ego


For some guys, it is really hard to get rid of their ego because they identify with it so much. However, everyone who wants to have success with women, needs to know that their ego is holding them back.

That’s why this article tackles the ego problem and gives you advice what to do when ego gets in your way.

How to Get a Girl That is Out of Your League


Doesn’t it just suck, when you want to date a gorgeous girl that is way out of your league? But there must be something that can raise you to her level, right? So you will have a shot, like all the alpha males? Well, there actually is!

Three Reasons Why You Get Rejected


If you go out often, meet a lot of people and approach women, you will encounter rejection. Most of us have faced rejection before, and for some, this isn’t a big deal. They can just shrug it off and move on. For the majority of guys however, rejection is something that is terrifying and many do anything to avoid it.

How to Become an Attractive Man

Man on a dark background

What is an attractive male? If you think that, for us men, the only requirement to truly be attractive is to be good looking, you are seriously mistaken. It takes a lot more to be attractive than physical appearance when you really start to think about it.

How to Have Abundance with Women

Guy with two girls

Not many men can honestly say that they have been together with lots of women. Although we are biologically wired to chase as many women as possible, only a couple of men actually do it. In fact, most men would be happy to find just one…

But there are also guys, who date many women at a time and never worry if about finding the one – guys living in total abundance. What’s even more fascinating is that there’s only one thing making them…

Why Being a Jerk is Better than Being a Nice Guy


There are some things that make the jerk far better than the nice guy. Maybe the most distinct one is the success with the opposite sex, because women often prefer a jerk over a nice dude. And there is actually a very good explanation for that.

You see, although he is called the nice guy, some of his motives aren’t that nice. In fact, some are even worse than the motives of a jerk.

Why Many Relationships Fail Right at the Beginning


Whenever you start dating a girl you really like, you naturally hope that she is the one. Who knows, maybe she will even be the one you will spend the rest of your life with? But there is just one problem: some relationships are not meant to last.

Some relationships are doomed right at the beginning because you make some mistakes that eventually lead to its downfall. These mistakes don’t even have to be that big. They are something you just always have done and you don’t even notice them until it’s too late.

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