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21 Indicators That You Are Stuck in the Friend Zone

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Who of us hasn’t been in it? The dreaded friend zone! Every time you think it’s going really good with a girl you like, you suddenly find out that she just doesn’t see you in “that way”, or she “doesn’t want to ruin a beautiful friendship” for something like dating you.

If you never know where you stand with a woman, this article could help you to find out.

How Can I Attract Women? – A Question by a Nice Guy

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If you always try to treat them women nice, they continue seeing you as a “really nice guy”. And if you stay on this path, you will always have trouble attracting the women you actually want.

That’s why you need to make some changes. But be warned, these changes won’t be easy. In fact, you probably have to face some serious decisions. Most of them won’t be pleasant!

Stop Trying to Fill the Void In Your Life With a Woman

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Have you ever seen these Hollywood movies where the man confesses his never ending love to the woman and adds something like “you complete me” or “I can’t live without you”? Isn’t that beautiful?

Well, actually no! It’s terrible! It’s not even because of the words he uses but because of the mindset he is coming from. You see, whenever you start seeing a girl you date as someone who completes you, you will start heading down a road that will not have a happy ending for you.

More About the Alpha Male Mentality

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If you haven’t done it yet, read my previous post What is the Alpha Male Mentality and then come back to this one. This article here will add some details I did not mention in my previous post about the mindset of an alpha.

The thing about becoming an alpha male is that it can sometimes be a bit confusing why exactly you would want to be one.

Breaking the Myth: Do Women Really Want a Nice Guy?

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What kind of man do women actually want? If you would ask one, most likely her answer would be “a nice guy”. But me and you already know that this is just a lie! Right?

The reason, why women will always give the same answer to this question and why so many guys think that this is the right way to go is, because it is actually true. However, if you take a closer look at how they would define this word, you will start to see major differences.

What is the Alpha Male Mentality?

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The name of this website is Alpha Male Mentality, so it’s pretty obvious that this article is about… Wait? What exactly is it about? What is the alpha male mentality?

If you ever wondered about what kind of mindset will help you to become successful not only with women but in many different aspects of life, then this article will hopefully give you the answers you are looking for.

How to Attract Women at Nightclubs

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Hey, how often do you visit nightclubs? Often, you say? Well then, you probably have no problems approaching girls and taking them home with you every night or so? No, you say? Well, maybe this will help you.

Why Do Women Constantly Test Men?

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If you have ever been in a situation where a woman has said or done something that made you react to her in any way, you have failed her test! In case you don’t know it yet – women will test you mercilessly. And if you think that this is not the case, you probably never noticed it.

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