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Say Hello is a video course created by Christian Hudson (The Social Man) that teaches you how to talk to women.

It takes you through all the challenges you will face when approaching a woman:

  • how to overcome the anxiety of approaching
  • what to focus on when doing the actual approach and
  • what to say (and do) to get her attracted

…and it helps you to overcome them.

It’s a mixture of implementable techniques and theory that can benefit every guy who wants to meet women but has a hard time to get over the initial hurdles.

In short, this program is for you if you struggle with approaching a girl and still have no clue what you should be saying to her.

Taking a Closer Look

At first sight, Say Hello doesn’t look like much. The course consists of only 4 videos.

However, every one of them is loooong and covers a wide range of subjects from approaching a girl to getting her attracted to you. If you would add the length of the videos together, it would amount to about five and a half hours of material!

And this is not counting the bonus stuff (more on them later).

The program also comes with a digital box that has all the videos in audio format, a 200-page transcript (if you prefer to read the whole course instead of watching it), and The Yes Sequence (an e-book) that is mentioned in the promotional video.

The course itself is pretty easy to follow, with a lot of examples and demonstrations so you will always have an idea of what you should be doing.

The four videos could be considered independent chapters that all deal with different topics. They are called:

  1. Approaching Confidence
  2. Body Language
  3. What to Say
  4. What to Say, Where

So, let’s take a more detailed look at what they contain.

Going Into the Details

The program starts off strong by reminding you of the most important fact whenever you approach and talk to women – you need to have fun!

Truth is, if you’re not having fun while interacting with the opposite sex, you will have a very hard time building attraction. Girls love to laugh and they love guys who can make them laugh.

This means that if you’re not actually enjoying yourself, it will be very hard for you to make them laugh – they won’t feel at ease with you.

For this reason, the underlying theme of this program is:

1. To make your interactions with the opposite sex as fun as possible.

Sometimes this means adding your own style of humor, goofing around, saying absurd things, doing something out of the ordinary and so on (everything this course teaches you to do).

It also supplies you with techniques for making the interaction fun for both of you.

Another thing you should learn about Say Hello is that it teaches you to…

2. Adopt a completely different mindset.

Way too many guys approach with a completely counter-productive mentality. They set themselves up for failure from the get-go. That’s why this course also focuses on changing your mindset into a more positive one – so you attract women just by being yourself.

But let’s give you a quick summary of every chapter:

Chapter 1

This chapter helps you to deal with the fear you have when going up to a girl – how to condition yourself to overcome the anxiety you feel while approaching and talking to girls and introduces you to the mindset you need to have to approach them.

This will be invaluable for someone who can’t even go up to girls because it provides him the needed push to go out and meet them.

Chapter 2

Called “Body Language”, it goes beyond just tips about body language. It gives you a complete guide on how you should present yourself to a woman.

You get a great demonstration of the body language that works so you display yourself in a way that’s attractive to women but also get a deeper understanding of why you need to do it and why it works. In this chapter, Christian also gives you some openers that range from simply looking at her in a certain way (a nonverbal opener) to doing things to immediately capture her attention.

Chapter 3

This one is called “What to Say” and could be considered as the strongest argument for buying Say Hello for most guys.

It could also be considered the meat of the program because of how extensive it is. This chapter goes into details on how to capture a woman’s attention by teaching you what to say.

This chapter doesn’t just touch on the surface level of attraction but goes actually very deep into what works and why you should be doing it. This means that if the openers you learn from this course don’t work on you, you’ll get a good idea why that is and know how to fix it.

Chapter 4

The last chapter basically teaches you how to deal with women in different situations and locations. This way you will always be prepared to approach a girl and actually know what you should be doing, so you won’t ask yourself the question “what should I do next?”

The Bonuses

There are a lot of bonuses that come with Say Hello. Maybe one that stands out the most is Endless Conversations that is a great addition (1-hour video on how to talk to women) to the main program.

However, there are other videos (9 in total), audio files and ebooks that touch on various topics like:

  • the mindset aspect of dating
  • texting
  • escaping the friend zone
  • sex
  • confidence
  • understanding social situations
  • and some more.

With your purchase of Say Hello, you will also get access to The Social Man forum.

Also, please note that you will get the 14-day trial access to the TSM society. If you’re not interested in it, you will have to cancel it either by calling them or replying to the welcome email.

The Weaknesses

The biggest weakness about Say Hello is definitely how it is presented. While the information you’re going to learn is valuable, it isn’t very well structured.

Like I already mentioned, the program consists of 4 very long videos. This means that you will have to sit and watch 4 different “movies” where Christian talks to you about various topics.

For example, if you need to watch a specific topic again, you would either have to write down the time where it was mentioned, or just watch the whole video again just to find that one bit of information you were looking for.

This is where cutting up the videos into smaller topics could have come very handy.

There are also some editing errors where it seems like some things were unintentionally cut out and other obvious mistakes left in.

But with all this said, I can’t really say anything about the quality of the program. Because even with all these flaws, this is still a solid video course.

The Strengths

The biggest strength of this program is that it gives you a deep understanding of how social dynamics work.

This means that you aren’t just left with instructions on what to do but actually learn why the things work on women. This makes you more proficient in dealing with situations you haven’t encountered or anticipated.

The point of this course is to give you the necessary skills to attract women without constantly needing to think about it, therefore, eliminating fear and overthinking things.

It also gives you a very healthy mindset regarding approaching and attracting women.

If you’re terrified of approaching girls then Say Hello will help you by motivating you to get out of the house and take action! At the same time, it will also help you set bigger goals when you want to become a man of value.

The Conclusion


Ease of Use

Content Quality

Value for Money

Total Score:



Say Hello is a solid program that basically tells you what you need to do to become good with women, then shows you exactly how to do it, and then tells you why doing these things is so important. This lays a foundation to your game and helps you in the long run to become better on your own.

The result is a more confident version of yourself who won’t rely on memorized openers and techniques but comes up with his own on the fly.

This program doesn’t just touch on the surface level interactions but actually goes deep into building a connection with a woman.

It teaches you how to get her to open up, invest emotionally in the conversation and associate positive feelings with you (all things you need to know when you want to become good with women).