The Secrets of the Alpha Man Review - Why You Should Get It

Note: I have stopped promoting this product. If you want an alternative, take a look at my program. It offers the same advice for 1/3 of the price.

Rules of the Alpha Male

There is a reason why I'm still promoting a product that's quite old and not nearly as popular as other pick-up materials. The Secrets of the Alpha Man, written by Carlos Xuma, is a program I really believe in and to this date, I have found few products that come near to the quality it offers.

In essence, this program provides men with the right mentality and understanding (the foundations) how to become an alpha male. Whether this is your goal or not, it can help you to bring out your true potential, so you attract women naturally!

The Secrets of the Alpha Man is an excellent program for guys to awaken a healthy alpha male mentality in them. Although helping you to get better with women is the main aspect of this program, it goes much further than that.

The program focuses primarily on changing your inner-self and isn’t only about "picking up chicks" like so many products out there. If you are here for specific tactics and techniques, then you won't find them here. This is a pure male empowerment program that lays the foundation to your new identity. And trust me, this is very important when you want to attract and seduce women!

Now, before we move on, let's make one thing clear here. You probably think I am exaggerating and this program can't really be that good. But you have to trust me on this one – it's the real deal and can change your life! If you haven't done anything to improve your core self before, this program will be perfect for you. Even if you already have some ideas about the role of self-improvement in seduction, you will still be surprised how much value this program offers.

When I first got The Secrets of the Alpha Man program and started reading the book, it blew me away. Before this, I had only read some mediocre stuff about male-female interactions, but this brought it to a totally new level. It gave me a better understanding of the female psyche and helped me to understand what women really respond to. It was also the first book I have ever read about the concept of an inner game.

This program was a real eye opener for me and changed many of my beliefs (like, why your attitude is more important than what you say to a woman). It made a real difference in my life and set me on a new path – a path where I can't accept mediocrity anymore (like I used to), go always after the things I want and strive to become the best me possible. It has had a major influence in my life by giving me a new identity and the motivation to push myself further. This is also why this review is mostly positive and why the title says "why you should get it" not "should you get it?".

Just to make one thing perfectly clear here: this isn't some wimpy, whiny self-help program that tries to take you by the hand, gently guide you through the steps and at the same time blaming women for all the shit we, as men, are responsible for. It will treat you like a real man and give you the harsh facts straight up (I even recognized myself in many of the "loser examples"). So, if you prefer to live in denial and refuse to take responsibility for your own actions, this program isn’t really for you.

For this review I took myself the time to read the book once more and let me tell you – I still notice things I missed before. It's very comprehensive, well written and draws you in so you will have a hard time walking away from it. It has hardly any filler content and every chapter has a very specific place and importance. The sheer depth of it is impressive and you can see that the author has put much effort into writing it (also, it’s freaking 393 pages!).

The book alone can change your perspective on how you should live your life, talk to women and interact with other people. It can change your attitude towards yourself and even your identity. It can challenge your views about many things in life and give you the motivation to push yourself to your limits.

The audio program gives you seven hours of additional advice, tips and strategies to implement and goes over some of the points discussed in the book. "These discs cover specific topics on developing your confidence and abilities with women. From finding motivation, to handling rejection to diagnosing and fixing your approach with women, this audio program has it all."

The program covers just about anything and everything on how to be your best self imaginable. It covers your job, your looks, your philosophy in life, internal motivators, external motivators, behavioral types, becoming and being and alpha man, emotional intelligence, conversation style and much, much more (393 pages + 7 hours of audio!).

The Secrets of the Alpha Man also provides you with alpha exercises. These are specific exercises that give you the opportunity to take a real insightful look at who you are as a person and how to improve that guy. This is why this program stands out from the rest, because I really haven't seen something like this implemented somewhere else.

Now, there are some things that could discourage you from buying the product:

One thing that could discourage some men from getting it is that there are very few specific tactics and techniques that you could implement (but not lacking them!). Like I said before, this is a male empowerment program. It’s all about inner game! How your attitude attracts women! It’s excellent for the alpha male mindset, for techniques & tactics not so much.

The second thing that could discourage some guys is the price. It's whopping $147. When compared to some other good products you could get for much cheaper, this can be a big investment for some people. However, the product itself is invaluable because it really can turn your life around, and when compared to that, it's a worthwhile investment. Plus, you get the 90 days guarantee.

If you follow this program to the letter, it will probably be the only thing you would ever need to become successful not only with women but in life general. If you read the book and listen to the audio program, you will want to change (like I did). This program just provides you with so much information and motivation that you can't just sit on your ass anymore and watch life pass you by, you want to take action!

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