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Speak to Spark Arousal is a beginner’s product that focuses on attracting women through better conversations and healthy boundaries.

It’s from Jessica J, a female dating coach who specializes in teaches men how to become more successful with women.

To get straight to the point: this product will help you to improve your social skills, teach you how to talk to women and create lasting connections with them, all without changing much of who you are as a person.

Its core concept lies in bringing out your true potential in your interactions with the opposite sex.

The Core Content

The whole product consists of 6 modules that go into topics like:

  • getting over approach anxiety
  • approaching women
  • keeping a conversation going
  • flirting with women
  • learning to be funny
  • learning to connect with girls
  • and more

The course is in video format, but you also have the option of downloading all the modules and listening to them as audio files.

Some of the modules also come with practical exercises that give you the opportunity to learn something new about yourself while at the same time teaching you to expand your conversations. In a way, these exercises can also serve as a tool to spark your creativity.

As an added bonus, you can download a flowchart that helps you to get a better understanding how your conversations with women should flow and how to apply the learned concepts.

Also, you can download two additional bonuses that tackle topics like how to start a conversation naturally and how to escape the friend zone.

All in all, Speak to Spark Arousal offers you all the necessary tools to attract and date women.

The Dog and the Wolf

Throughout the course, Jessica uses many metaphors to make the material a bit easier to understand.

One metaphor that regularly runs through the content is about the dog and the wolf. This is a great analogy about men who “get it” and the ones who don’t.

You can either be the dog, who chases after everything by trying to be pleasing and approval seeking and hoping for a belly rub, or you can be the wolf who controls its own fate and goes for the kill when it smells blood!

To put it plainly – you are either the guy who hopes for affection or the one who gets it.

If you truly want to be successful with women, you need to have healthy boundaries and demonstrate that you aren’t just some guy who would do anything to be with one.

During the course of all the examples Jessica brings in the modules, she makes it abundantly clear that to get good with attractive women, you can’t think of them as a rarity or someone to worship. Only if you admit to yourself, that you are a wolf, will you start to attract the kind of women you actually want to date.

Why You Should Get It

Speak to Spark Arousal is a gold mine of information for beginners who have had no previous experience with actively going out to pursue women.

It goes straight to the point without having much filler content. The concepts are easy to understand and applied to practice.

You could go through all the material in one sitting and understand most what has been said.

It teaches you a very healthy mindset – you are the one who provides value and should not be going into a conversation with an empty cup mindset. You are offering her “a gift” and if she chooses to reject it, it’s her loss.

That’s also why you have to stop chasing girls who are not right for you, but at the same time, shouldn’t feel ashamed of wanting them and more importantly, putting yourself first.

As Jessica herself admits – the guys who are proud for their sexual appetite, are extremely attractive and go the furthest.

Because this product comes from a woman, Speak to Spark Arousal gives you the unique opportunity to see everything from the viewpoint of a girl and also get a glimpse into the female psyche.

This is definitely something many programs don’t offer, simply because the majority dating products come from men. Through various examples, you will hear exactly what turns women on and what are the biggest mistakes men do in the eyes of one.

The Good

  • A solid program for guys just starting out
  • Can help to get over approach anxiety
  • Get a glimpse into the female psyche through the eyes of a woman
  • The material is pretty straightforward – easy to absorb and implement
  • Focuses on creating solid connections with girls
  • Teaches men to adopt a healthy mindset
  • Offers practical exercises that can be very helpful in some situations
  • Focuses on naturally flowing conversations

The Bad

  • Although you will have no problems absorbing the material and get a general idea how it all fits together, you might still need to go through it a couple of times to internalize it and get everything that has been said.
  • Some concepts could have been more fleshed out. Therefore, you might need to fill some missing gaps yourself.
  • It’s perfect for beginners; advanced guys won’t learn much new here, though.

In Conclusion


Ease of Use

Content Quality

Value for Money

Total Score:



This is a worthwhile investment for every man who wants to get good with women but still struggles to understand what they respond to. It teaches a beginner everything he needs to know to start a conversation with a girl effortlessly and keep it going.

This program doesn’t deal with techniques and tactics on what to say in every given situation but provides you with a structure and concept that work in a natural conversation.

It steers you in the right direction by giving you an idea of the mindset you should be in when talking to girls and teaches you not to be the dog who runs after every woman seeking approval.