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True self-confidence is something we all want to have but few of us actually do. Not only does it play a vital part in attracting women but it actually makes you more efficient in most fields in life. It’s a quality that makes you stand out from most people and impact your life immensely.

But you probably already knew all of that, or you wouldn’t be here, right?

That’s why I decided to write a review about Collection of Confidence, a product that focuses on improving your self-image and making you confident.

This program has been around for quite some time now and it has drawn a lot of controversy. Some men swear by it, labeling it as one of the best inner game (self-development) products out there while others dismiss it as BS.

So, for this reason, the following review will give you a complete picture of what kind of program Collection of Confidence is (and isn’t) and whether or not it is something for you.

In short, this is an product that focuses on turning you into a confident person by providing you with practical exercises and hypnosis/meditation sessions. If you see hypnosis and meditation as great life altering tools, then this course is for you!

What Should You Know About It?

The one thing you should know from the get-go is that this program isn’t offering you any easy and fast solutions. In fact, the things you are going to learn take time to practice and implement.

You will probably have to repeat it several times to get the outcome you desire!

However, considering that changing your mindset is an extremely slow and difficult process, one could argue that this a much faster and easier method (you’ll become confident in months, not years!).

Nevertheless, you still need to be very patient with it and not expect immediate results. While it starts off relatively easy, the tasks you encounter will get harder with every following step.

But, if you’re dedicated enough and put in the effort, it will pay off.

Reprogramming your Mind

The focus of the program isn’t to teach you anything particularly new but to actually reprogram you. As Hypnotica puts it himself:

You don’t really need to learn more but actually unlearn some things that you hold as true“.

And this is basically what this program is all about. It is intended to help you to let go of old, negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones.

The truth is that you have been conditioned since you were little that you’re not supposed to step out of line or behave in a way that others might not approve of.

While this is all well-intended and helpful to keep you from turning into an asshole, it also messes with your way of thinking. It turns you into someone who is terrified of stepping up and going after the things he wants (or the girls he wants) because he fears the consequences (the disapproval of others).

What this audio course does, is helping you to let go of this conditioning and teaching you a new way of looking at things, thus making you more confident. And I can’t agree enough with the idea behind it.

When I started on my journey of becoming better with women, I had to let go of my conditioning and relearn a lot of things. Only after finally embracing the change and truly starting to trust the process, did I see the difference in how people (mostly women) responded towards me.

And this is exactly what Collection of Confidence is doing:

It teaches you to let go of your old negative beliefs and replaces them with positive ones, and as a result, makes you believe in yourself!

Who is Hypnotica?

In an average dating course where you are going to listen to a person presenting his ideas, you can keep a fair amount of skepticism until they manage to convince you otherwise. This approach, however, isn’t going to work with Collection of Confidence!

Starting this program, you should already be 100% on board with the ideas presented in it, otherwise, the sessions simply aren’t going to work on you. That’s why people who resist hypnosis also never get hypnotized – they don’t either trust the process or the person hypnotizing them.

That’s why I think we should also take a quick look at who Hypnotica is and why you should trust him.

Hypnotica, real name Eric Von Sydow, has been involved in the dating and relationship community for a very long time now. He became famous when Neill Strauss featured him in the bestseller The Game.

He is an expert in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and hypnosis and uses them to teach guys how to overcome their fear of approaching women and becoming more confident.

Image of Hypnotica.

He has become somewhat of an authority on the psychology of male to female interaction and is sometimes referred to as the “Inner Game Guru.”

Since he has been doing this for so long and has a huge following, there is no doubt in my mind that he is the read deal and his method will work on you, that is if you allow it. I’ve also seen some of his other material and can tell you that he knows what he is talking about.

Therefore, I really have no reason to doubt in this program or his methods.

Will it Work on You?

Whether this program will have any effect on you really depends on you. If you can let go of the doubts you might have towards this program and really commit yourself to it, it will definitely work on you.

If you are at all familiar with hypnosis and subconscious suggestions, then you should know how powerful they are.

As someone who has tried both, I can guarantee you, as long as you keep listening to the presented audio files and doing all the exercises, you will start to feel the change.

Although I only reviewed this product and haven’t yet done the sessions in full (only listened to them once), I’ve had very positive results with meditation and hypnosis in the past.

The thing that surprised me the most was how effective they were at eradicating my fears of approaching women and letting go of the consequences. And that was just me doing my own stuff, not sessions intended specifically for building up one’s self-confidence.

So, as long as you keep an open mind and stick with the program, you have nothing to worry about!

What’s Inside?

The whole program is made up of 5 “discs” (digital mp3 files, not actually cd-s) that are intended to improve your confidence. They consist of practical exercises and hypnosis sessions.

The Meditation/hypnosis sessions have a very calming and empowering effect and are really easy to follow. This is the part where you basically do nothing than just sit on your ass and listen to the audio files.

At first, it might be a bit awkward listening to Hypnotica tell you all about how awesome and great you will become, but if you give it some time to get used to, the “awkwardness” will disappear.

The practical exercises are where you will actually have to assert the most effort. Since they are intended for you to become socially adept, you will have to interact with others.

This means actually getting out of the house and talking to people!

Like I said before in the beginning, these tasks are very easy to accomplish and will not take a lot of your time, but with every following part will get more difficult and time-consuming.

There are also two bonus sessions called Advanced Male Confidence and Shield of Impenetrability that will add more value to the program and speed up your learning process.

The Weaknesses

  • Although this program in itself is very extensive, it is still quite short. The course itself is about 3 and a half hours with the bonuses adding about 2 hours of extra content.
  • Definitely not for everyone. If you can’t get over the idea of using meditation/hypnosis, then this program isn’t really for you.

The Strengths

  • Will help you to create lasting change in your life.
  • No fluff, get’s straight to the point.
  • The hypnosis sessions are very calming and easy to follow.
  • If done right, this will be probably the only confidence program you will ever need.
  • Although hard, the practical exercises will help you to move out of your comfort zone.
  • Will not only help you to get better with women but improve your success in all fields of life.

In Conclusion


Ease of Use

Content Quality

Value for Money

Total Score:

Very Good


The Collection of Confidence is a course that can help you to create lasting, positive changes in your life. When finishing this product, you will have overcome your fear of approaching women and can take action without worrying too much about the outcome. You will truly be confident!

Get this program if you are really serious and committed to change; if you are ready to go the extra mile and aren’t afraid of challenging yourself.

If you are still dubious and aren’t really sure about this meditation/hypnosis stuff, then send me an email and I’ll help you to make up your mind.