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Rules of the Alpha Male
Collection of Confidence


How to Stop Being a Pussy

A fearful cat hiding

Are you a tired of always being the one on the losing end? Someone who, no matter what he does or however hard he tries, always gets the short end of the deal?

Well, then here is an article that will help you to get your shit together and become a better man. Take charge of your life and change...

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How to Be an Alpha Male

An alpha male looking intensely

If you want to learn how to be an alpha male, you have to know two things first: 1) Becoming one won't be easy 2) You need to know what you are doing. If you start with the wrong thing, you will never be one.

That's why you need to know where to start and what to focus on, if you want to be an alpha male. This is exactly what this article is about.

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Easy Body Language "Hacks" to Improve Your Confidence

Man demonstrating confident body language

Confidence isn't something you either have or don't. Every guy can become more confident if he so chooses. The only thing he needs to know, is that it won't be easy. But is this really the truth? Isn't there some way you can become confident fast and effortlessly? Well, there actually is!

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11 Mindset Shifts You Have to Make Before You Approach Women

An alpha male looking intensely

There are men who have absolutely no problem going up to every woman they see. But what exactly makes them so different from everyone else? The answer: their mindset!

If you too struggle with approaching the girls you like, then here are 11 important mindset shifts you must make before you can approach the women you want.

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3 Changes You Need to Make to Attract Women

Pretty girl wearing a leather jacket

If you want to date hot women but still assume that they would only be with someone who is rich and handsome, then you better take a look at this article. Just a heads up, you will find things that will conflict with your current world views.

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How to Get Rid of Your Ego

For some guys, it is really hard to get rid of their ego because they identify with it so much. However, everyone who wants to have success with women, needs to know that their ego is holding them back.

That's why this article tackles the ego problem and gives you advice what to do when ego gets in your way.

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