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Rules of the Alpha Male
Collection of Confidence


Three Reasons Why You Get Rejected

If you go out often, meet a lot of people and approach women, you will encounter rejection. Most of us have faced rejection before, and for some, this isn't a big deal. They can just shrug it off and move on. For the majority of guys however, rejection is something that is terrifying and many do anything to avoid it.

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How to Have Abundance with Women

Guy with two girls

Not many men can honestly say that they have been together with lots of women. Although we are biologically wired to chase as many women as possible, only a couple of men actually do it. In fact, most men would be happy to find just one...

But there are also guys, who date many women at a time and never worry if about finding the one - guys living in total abundance. What's even more fascinating is that there's only one thing making them...

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Why Being a Jerk is Better than Being a Nice Guy

There are some things that make the jerk far better than the nice guy. Maybe the most distinct one is the success with the opposite sex, because women often prefer a jerk over a nice dude. And there is actually a very good explanation for that.

You see, although he is called the nice guy, some of his motives aren't that nice. In fact, some are even worse than the motives of a jerk.

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How to Attract Women Naturally with an Unshakable Mindset

Most guys wish they could just attract women naturally. All they would have to do is to walk into a room and have every girl there fighting over them. But sadly, this is not their reality. For some guys however, this is actually what happens. It's all because they know something that the rest doesn't.

There is a reason why girls are attracted to one guy and not the other. No, it's not because of his looks or how much money he has got in his bank account, the answer is much simpler than that.

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Stop Trying to Fill the Void In Your Life With a Woman

An incredibly cute female model

Have you ever seen these Hollywood movies where the man confesses his never ending love to the woman and adds something like "you complete me" or "I can't live without you"? Isn't that beautiful?

Well, actually no! It's terrible! It's not even because of the words he uses but because of the mindset he is coming from. You see, whenever you start seeing a girl you date as someone who completes you, you will start heading down a road that will not have a happy ending for you.

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More About the Alpha Male Mentality

A dark haired girl looking intensely

If you haven't done it yet, read my previous post What is the Alpha Male Mentality and then come back to this one. This article here will add some details I did not mention in my previous post about the mindset of an alpha.

The thing about becoming an alpha male is that it can sometimes be a bit confusing why exactly you would want to be one.

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