Things Women Find Attractive in Men

Beautiful woman in swimsuitIf you have ever wondered about the things women find attractive in a man, then you definitely came to the right place. Below you will find some qualities men have that most women see as attractive.

Also, let's avoid advice like dressing well and taking care of your hygiene because this is way too obvious, anyone who seriously suggests it as the sole solution, doesn't know much about women. Of course you need to take care of these things first, but they are in no way the things that make women attracted to you.

So, let us take a look at the qualities that make an attractive man:


Attractive Male Qualities


Women absolutely love a man whose attitude lets them know that he doesn't really need them to be happy. This will immediately tell a woman that he doesn't come to her with an empty cup mentality hoping she will fulfill him. A man with a healthy attitude isn't there to take, he is there to give.

Your attitude will bring you far if you don't let others get to you. Any guy with a "can do" attitude will be more successful with members of the opposite sex than someone who lets other people dictate his life. If he is sure in himself and doesn't really care what others say about him, he will also live his life by his own rules. He won't follow others like a sheep just to fit in. A nervous, uncertain guy will leave all the decision-making up to women (something they despise) because he lacks a direction in life.



Although I mentioned skipping the obvious ones and you probably have heard this a hundred times already, but let's still throw confidence in the mix because it's still a vital part of being an attractive man.

If you are a very confident person, others will see you as more successful and trustworthy. People are drawn to confidence because it's a leadership quality. They will turn to you for guidance and help. To others, it tells that you stay true to yourself even under pressure and can get shit done.

For this reason, confidence is most of the times the very first quality women are looking for in a man. That's why it is still on this list of things girls find attractive in men. It's also why it has to be your priority when you want to lead a successful life.



Everyone wants to be around an optimistic person. If you can find the best side even in the bleakest situation, people will want to hang out with you because you give them comfort and make them feel good.

This is also the reason why girls are so drawn to this quality. They want someone who can cheer them up when they feel down. Since women usually worry more than men, the ability to reassure is a very attractive quality.


Ability to Listen/Empathy

No one wants to be around a guy who is so self-centered that he never listens to them. This is also one of the most common complaints most women have about men. If you can listen to people and offer reassuring guidance (remember, women worry all the time) then you will also be seen as attractive.

This kind of behavior also shows that your emphatic side. It shows that you can identify with someone's problems and aren't only out for yourself. It shows you care when you listen to them and are able to identify with the problem and not shrug it off as something trivial. That's the reason why the ability to listen and empathy usually go hand in hand.


Having Boundaries

Every self-respecting person has to set boundaries. If you lack them or set them too loose, people will just run over you. For this reason, you also need to set and keep boundaries with every girl you meet. If you fail to do so, she will just lose respect for you. In some cases, she might even lose interest in you.

No woman wants to date a pushover. They want someone who can say "no" when needed. Even if she disagrees with you, she will still respect you because you stand your ground. If you set strong and healthy boundaries in your life, you will earn the respect of a woman. If you don't, you most likely will end up in the friend zone.


Sense of Humor

If you can't make a girl laugh, you might as well give up on becoming successful with women. A sense of humor is when it comes to attraction. Now, don't freak out if you aren't the funniest guy around. If you know how to make your friends laugh, you will have no problems making a girl you just met laugh.

However, it's still worth mentioning that if your humor sucks, you can, and should, work on developing it. A Woman loves to laugh and every guy who can make her laugh will be seen as attractive.



A man with ambition is attractive in the eyes of a woman. When you have certain goals you are striving for, you will seem more attractive. You don't even need to be someone who has already achieved something. As long as you keep working towards a certain goal, women will find it sexy.

A drive in your life will also tell a girl that you won't make her your life's mission. That you won't put her on a pedestal. It shows her that you have your own stuff to do and won't always depend on her to make you happy. You aren't just a guy without a direction in life but someone who wants to make a difference.



Someone who can take care of his own stuff without relying on other people is extremely attractive to women. No girl wants to date a grown up boy who still needs her to take care of him.

An independent man is a mature man, and that's exactly what most women are looking for and why some even go only for older men. Women definitely don't want someone who is looking for a mom, they want someone who can support them when needed.



A spontaneous man is very attractive because he brings excitement into a woman's life. She doesn't want to date someone who is a bore. This is also the reason why women often choose bad boys over nice guys – the bad boy brings excitement into their lives while the nice guy usually doesn't.

Every guy who is unpredictable is sexy to a woman, no matter if he is a bad boy or a nice guy. If you can bring adventure into a woman's life, she will want to be with you.


A Deep, Commanding Voice

Women still react positively to a deep and commanding voice. This is the essence of masculinity and demonstrates dominance in a man. Every guy who has a deeper and louder voice than most men is seen as attractive because it shows her that he is an alpha male – someone influential. A guy with the loudest voice in a room is usually the boss.

Your voice can say a lot about you. Therefore, keep it low and keep it loud (louder than you usually would).


Body Language

Just like your voice, your body language will tell women everything they will ever need to know about you. They can just take one look at you and immediately tell if they want to date you or not.

A guy with a strong body language will always look like he is comfortable wherever he is. This means that he usually takes up more room than others and his movements are always relaxed.


On a Final Note

So there you have it. These are some of the qualities a woman finds attractive in men. Of course, there are more that make you desirable. But hopefully, these gave you a better understanding what exactly you would need to develop to make yourself more attractive.

What are you looking for?