What a Woman Needs in a Relationship

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Just too many guys assume that by getting into a relationship with their dream girl, everything will be smooth sailing from there on out because no matter what life throws at them, they have each other and their love will fix everything. But they are terribly mistaken. Usually, when you start a relationship with a girl, the real challenge just begins. That's because a relationship is where she meets the real you, and if you can't live up to her expectations, she will leave.

For this reason, it's good to know what exactly your girlfriend needs in a relationship when she decides to get exclusive with you. But first, to get a better idea of a functioning, healthy relationship, let's take a closer look at what she doesn't need.


What She Doesn't Need

Whenever some guys get into a relationship with a girl, they become complacent and let themselves go (physically as well as mentally). They dedicate all of their time and attention to her and lose themselves in the process. The once proud and powerful men give up on all what they wanted for themselves and make her their sole mission. Now, at first glance, this might sound like something you're supposed to do, but it's not what she actually needs from you.

Through their constant pleasing and sometimes even a misguided attempt to empower her by letting her do all the decisions in the relationship, she becomes the one in charge, the one who has to "wears the pants" in the relationship. This means that they make her the person who has to pick up the slack for the both of them. Not only is that bad because she doesn't want it, but the guy who decides to turn his whole attention to his girlfriend loses his previous life (his friends and things he loved to do) and becomes totally dependent on her because she becomes his only source of happiness.

When she finally realizes that he isn't the man she fell for in the beginning and she has become the center of his attention, she decides to leave him because he has lost his masculinity - the one thing that made her attracted to him in the first place. And now he will have nothing left because he forgot what was once important for him and sacrificed himself for her.

So, as you can see, this is the kind of behavior you definitely need to avoid if you want to have a healthy and lasting relationship with her.


What She Actually Needs

The thing she actually needs from you is what you have been hearing your whole life: she needs you to take care of her. She needs you to take up the male gender role. No, this doesn't mean you have to find a job to support her financially while she becomes a housewife. Instead, you have to become "the man" in the relationship and demonstrate qualities women find attractive.

You need to show her that you have a backbone. That you are someone who can stand up for himself when needed. Someone who can stand tall when facing resistance. A guy who doesn't fold under pressure, even when it's coming from her! Someone she can rely on when times get tough.

If you already demonstrated to her how you can make decisions for the both of you while you were still dating, you still have to continue. She still needs to know that no matter what, she can rely on you more than you can rely on her. Even when she never admits it, she expects you to support her and doesn't want you to become the one who constantly seeks for her support. To feel safe, she needs to know that you are there to take care of her emotionally and not the other way around.


To Conclude

If you can't make your girlfriend feel safe in the relationship, she will not want to stay with you, and that's a fact! Therefore, what every woman needs in a relationship is a man who has his shit together and supports her emotionally. Without these things, you are heading into disaster.

You should always stay on top of your game and not become too complacent in your relationship. The truth is that life won't get that much easier in one. Sure, you now have each other, but it's also where you will truly see whether you two can make it work in the long run, or not. If you're not ready for it, you will soon end up on your own again. If you are, you are giving her what she needs in this relationship.

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