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If you’re just getting into text game and have no idea where to start or struggle with getting girls to respond to your messages, then Text That Girl might just be the right program for you.

It is intended to improve your texting skills and turn you into a guy who has no problems coming up with unique and interesting messages.

Right off the bat, this course starts out with big promises about how the taught concepts will transform your life.

How it will turn you into a social rock star who can effortlessly get a girl’s number and make her eager to meet you.

But does it really hold true? Can it really create a dramatic change like that?

Well, let’s find out!

What Should You Know About It?

Okay, let’s takle the promises above…

While the promises might sound like an exaggeration, the fact remains that this is a solid product that has the potential to completely change the way you text girls. Therefore, if you follow the advice in this book, you can actually achieve everything it promises.

It’s filled with real-life text exchanges, techniques, methods and principles that demonstrate how to get a girl’s number, build attraction with her, and make her want to meet you.

Therefore, if you follow the advice in this book, you can actually achieve everything it promises. While it still requires some effort on your part, it’s easier than with most programs I have encountered.

But let’s take a closer look at what it’s going to teach you.

TL;DR Version: Text That Girl is a texting course filled with real-life text exchanges, techniques, methods and principles that demonstrate how to get a girl’s number, build attraction with her, and make her want to meet you.

A Closer Look

This program was created by Race dePriest, a dating coach who focuses on teaching guys how to improve their texting skills. It’s a collection of his experiences and wisdom of text game gathered over many years in one simple guide.

The program comes with a lot of bonus content (more on this later) but the main product is the book. Although it isn’t that long and can be consumed in one sitting (if you are a fast reader) it is a goldmine of information for anyone struggling with texting women.

It is meant as a reference tool, so the way it’s written and structured makes it very easy to follow and find things.

If you’re a beginner, you will probably have to come back to it a couple of times just because of how much information it contains. So, knowing that it’s an easy (even interesting) read, adds some repeat value to it.

The beginning part of the book could be considered invaluable for someone just starting out.

Race introduces you the mindset you should adopt to become good at text game. If you are familiar with my material, you already know my position on it: your mindset plays a major role in attraction, yes even while texting.

That’s why you need to have a healthy, carefree attitude while you are texting girls, otherwise your exchanges will always end the same way – her stopping to respond.

The program also touches on the biggest mistakes men make while texting.

This is something that will be extremely helpful if you have no idea what you should be doing every time you are about to send a message to a girl, or if you receive one, for that matter.

You will basically learn what works on women and what doesn’t (and why).

This means you will get a unique glimpse into the female psyche and see why some things work, while others don’t.

For some men, probably the most valuable things about this program are going to be the text examples. And there are many of them!

What makes them so unique is that they are real text exchanges Race has had with different women. This is also something I really liked about this program.

Whenever Race mentions a technique or gives some advice, he brings you real-life examples of it. Basically, a real example of the technique in action with the girl’s response. This gives you a better idea of his style, but more importantly, you will see the effect it has on a woman.

What I really loved about this book is that he also includes exchanges with girls that aren’t positive.

Since he is known as a dating coach, girls can just look him up, and some actually did exactly that – he shows examples where some girls are calling him out for being a dating coach (a player).

In these examples, you will see exactly how he reacts to it and even manages to turn it around. These are perfect demonstrations for the guy who is afraid of getting called out on being a player because it teaches him how to deal with it.

The truth is, not every conversation is going to be pleasant, but you can always turn it around if you know what you’re doing.

Will It Work for You?

Now, the one thing that could shy you away from this program is the style of text game it will teach you.

Race has a unique style of texting that he demonstrates throughout the whole book. It’s this fun-loving, wild, adventurous style, that will also work on the majority of girls.

But since authenticity plays an important part in becoming good with women, his style might not be suited for everybody.

Sure, if you are a fun-loving guy yourself, you will have no problems adopting his style.

And even if you aren’t as funny but still manage to make girls laugh from time to time, you won’t have any problems incorporating his.

However, if you rely more on your brain than on your wit, then it might be hard to adopt his style. In the end, what matters the most is that you present yourself in your messages like you would in real life, or you will come across as inauthentic.

So, if you seem like a fun, wild guy in your text messages, she is expecting to meet that guy!

Nevertheless, if the style of this book doesn’t fit you, but you are still curious about it, you really shouldn’t worry that much about it. While Race encourages you to adopt his style, you don’t really have to (he also says that himself!).

The thing is that this book will improve your text game regardless. Like I already mentioned, this is a solid product and it will teach you everything that’s necessary to become better at texting, whether you adopt another style or not.

Also, it should be noted that his book assumes you’re already familiar with approaching girls and trying to get their numbers (although it has a short chapter on this as well).

What You Will Learn

  • To bring a unique style into your text exchanges.
  • To adopt the mindset of a high-value man and convey it in your texts.
  • How to deal with tests from women.
  • How not to come across as insecure and needy in your conversations.
  • When and how to ask for the number and send the dreaded first message.
  • How to use roleplay, nicknames, teasing, misinterpretation, mirroring and other techniques to build rapport with her.
  • How to invite a girl out in various ways.
  • How to make the idea of meeting up with you exciting to her.
  • How to reinitiate contact, if she stops responding.
  • And more…

The Bonuses

Like already mentioned, this program has a lot of bonuses from different dating coaches as well as from Race himself. They cover a wide array of areas so you will probably find something that will help you in some way or other.

For example, there is The Cheat Sheet guide that will give you texts that you can use immediately on girls when you need some help coming up with a message. Or the two-hour long Creating Charisma course that teaches you how to become more charismatic.

Maybe the most helpful for you will be the 30 days free access to The Attraction Rockstar Academy.

It’s a 6-month course that can take your texting to the next level. Just remember to cancel it if you think this isn’t for you (you still get to keep the stuff you got in the first month).

The Weaknesses

  • Assumes you have at least some experiences with girls (outside of text game) and therefore doesn’t cover it.
  • Might not suit your specific style. In this case, take a look at How2TxtHer as an alternative.

The Strengths

  • Very easy to follow and implement.
  • Countless real-life examples with actual text conversations.
  • Excellent reference tool.
  • A very strong product for a beginner.
  • Solid inner game advice for texting.
  • Covers everything you will need to succeed in the text game.

In Conclusion


Ease of Use

Content Quality

Value for Money

Total Score:



This is a great product for a beginner. Because it covers a lot and there are so many texting examples, you will learn exactly how to create the “perfect” message that will get you a response.

If you are open to it, you will also learn how to incorporate the style of an “adventurous, fun-loving guy” into your own and improve it tremendously.

Maybe the strongest point for Text That Girl is its simplicity.

It is very easy to follow and you could basically start applying it immediately into your game. It holds a lot of theory but also goes into very specific advice and examples for all kinds of different situations you will likely face.

This is a comprehensive guide for a man who wants to improve his texting skills.