A hot woman in the poolSome guys are clueless when it comes to understanding women. They have no idea where they stand with a girl they are talking to, a girl who obviously likes them. She even gives them clear signals of interest, but they just don’t get them.

What usually happens between a guy and a girl in a situation like this: they talk for a while, eventually running out of topics to talk about, and then part ways feeling frustrated – he, because she didn’t respond to his “flirting” and she because he didn’t understand her signals.

The problem here is that many women aren’t as straightforward as men and won’t give a guy direct signs of interest. They flirt with a man through subtle signs and hope that the guy gets picks them up; most men rarely do. This problem can however easily be fixed by learning more about it.

That’s why here you will find some female body language signs you should look out for that let you know she’s interested. So, when you are chatting up a girl who clearly is attracted to you and flirts with you, you know that it’s time to act!


The Body Language of a Woman Who’s Flirting

She is playing with her hair when talking to you. This is by far the most basic and visible sign that a girl is interested in you. Still, many guys are totally oblivious to it. When you two are talking, keep an eye out for what she is doing with her hair.

If she is using her hands to “play” with her hair while keeping strong eye contact with you, it is a clear sign that she is interested in you. Most women either twirl their hair around their fingers, push their fingers through it, or throw it back behind their shoulders. So, whenever a woman is doing this and is looking intensely at you, you can be quite certain that she is interested in you.

She is touching you whenever possible. Women communicate very often through touch (well we all do, actually). They love to touch. Whenever in you interaction she is touching your, it’s a good sign. This could even be a totally innocent pat. Sometimes she even “accidentally” touches your arm or any other body part (NO, not THAT one!). Or she might touch you intentionally. For example, whenever giving you a compliment and patting you on the hand. Sometimes when you tease her, she might even hit you playfully.

Whenever a woman constantly touches you, she likes you and is flirting with you. And you should touch her back. But this of course isn’t an invitation to touch her everywhere! When she touches your arm, do the same back. In fact, most of the time, you should initiate the contact to see if she touches you back. If she does, it’s a good sign.

Red haired girl posingShe is always facing you and holding eye contact. This one might be the hardest to interpret because we are always facing a person when interacting with them. Therefore, you have to look closely at her posture and eye contact as well. If her body and feet are pointing towards you and she tries to hold long eye contact, she is interested in you. If she isn’t that interested, she might be still facing you but her feet are turned away from you like she is about to walk away.

You could even test this by moving around a bit to see if she follows you with her body. If she does, then you know for sure. Maybe the best (and probably funniest) way to do this is to take a step back and see if she actually takes a step forward to close the gap between you.

She starts mirroring you. When you talk to her and are standing in a certain pose, she might take up the same pose. This is called mirroring and it’s an unconscious, involuntary way two people who like each other connect – basically they start to move in sync by mirroring each others movements. It’s very easy to recognize if she is mirroring you. You simply have to take up a pose and see if she follows. If she does, she is interested in you.

But you can even “exploit” this by starting to mirror her first (obviously try to do it as subtly as you can). But if you succeed, after some time, you can try to take the lead and see if she will follow you.

She is focused on you (and only you). This is basically a combination of the previously mentioned tips. If a girl is totally zoned into what you are talking and she won’t even react to others (her friends or other people) then you can be certain that she is into you. This is very easy to recognize when you are talking and she doesn’t even notice that someone else might try to get her attention.


To Conclude

Like you can already imagine, these were just some of the very basic body language signs you can look out for when talking to a woman. Of course, there are many more body language signals at play in every interaction, but if you can spot these, you will already have a good understanding whether she likes you and is flirting with you, or not.

But remember, when you recognize any of the above-mentioned indicators, you have to act because she is trying to flirt with you. This means that she is expecting you to make your move. You have to be the one, who takes the first step. So be the man and just do it!

You can learn more about reading the body language of women flirting with you from the book Models: Attract Women Through Honesty. In fact, this book will totally change the way you interact with women. After internalizing the taught concepts, you won’t even worry about paying any attention to her body language anymore. You will be actively trying to make her attracted to you. This means that you aren’t just passively wait for her to start flirting with you, but actively leading the conversation.

Reading the Body Language of Women Flirting with You
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