Woman holding a wine class looking at youSome guys are still clueless when talking to a girl who obviously likes them. She gives him clear signs but he just doesn’t get them. So they talk for a while eventually running out of topics to discuss and part ways feel frustrated – he because she didn’t respond to his come-ons and she because he didn’t understand her signals. The problem here is that many women aren’t as straightforward and won’t give the man direct signs of interest.

So here are three basic body language rules you should look out for, when you are chatting up a girl who clearly is attracted to you:

She is playing with her hair when talking to you. This is by far the most obvious sign that a girl is interested in you. Still, many guys are totally oblivious to this. When you two are chatting, keep an eye out for what she is doing with her hair.

If she is using her hands to “play” with her hair it is an obvious sign that she is interested. Most women twirl her hair around their fingers, push their finger through it or throw it back of their shoulders. Whenever a woman is doing this and is looking intensely at you while you talk, you can be sure she is attracted to you.

She is touching you whenever possible. Women communicate very often through touch. They love to touch. So whenever in you interaction she is touching your, it’s a good sign. This could even be a totally innocent tap. She “accidentally” touches your arm or any other body part (NO, not THAT one!). Or she might touch you intentionally. For example, whenever giving you a compliment and patting you on the shoulder/hand. Sometimes when you tease her, she might even hit you playfully.

Whenever a woman constantly touches you, she likes you. And you should touch her back. But keep your hands at the allowed areas ;).

She is always facing you and holding eye contact. This one might be the hardest to interpret, because we are always facing a person when interacting with them. Therefore you have to look closely at her posture and eye contact as well.

If her body, feet and legs are pointing towards you and she tries to hold long eye contact, she likes you. You could even test this by moving around to see, if she follows you with her body. If she does, then you know for sure.

These were three basic body language signs you have to look out for when talking to a woman. Of course there are more body language signals at play (you can learn more about reading the body language of women flirting with you from the Dating Black Book) in every interaction, but if you can spot these three, you already have a good understanding whether she likes you or not.

And remember, When you recognize any of these indicators, you have to act. She is expecting that from you. You have to be the one, who makes the first step. So be a man and do it!