How to Find a Good Woman and Keep Her

Attractive woman looking at cameraMany men often say that a good woman is hard to come by. But the exact same thing can be said about men as well. Because, believe it or not, women have standards too. This means that you can't expect to get a good woman if you aren't a quality guy yourself.

The secret to finding a good woman and keeping her is to be as good, if not better, than her. That's because even if they won't admit it, women still want to be with someone they can look up to. Hey, we all want to have the best partner possible! So if you aren't one of the best, then finding a good partner is going to be a hard task for you, keeping her, even more so.

To clarify: "being better" in this context doesn't mean that you are in some way superior to her, it just means that you are more grounded in your own reality and know your worth as a man. Women want to be with someone who has mental strength, so "the best man" is the one who has his shit together and is commonly referred to as an alpha.


Before Finding Her...

Now, before we move on to the "finding her" part, we should take a look at who you actually consider as a "good woman." This is vital for one simple reason: if you don't know who you're looking for, you won't know when you have found her. Of course, this will mostly depend on your personal preference, that's why you have to figure this out on your own before going to look for someone.

So your very first step to finding a quality girl is to make a list of all the things a woman needs to have for you to consider her as dating material. Even write these things down if you have to! Also, while you're at it, make a note of all the negative qualities you wouldn't tolerate about your future partner. By creating this list you get a good overview of what kind of person you actually want and disqualify girls that aren't suited for you. This will save you a lot of headache on your quest to find the right one.

The only rule here you have to follow is that you demonstrate standards. While the perfect girl doesn't exist, don't just blatantly ignore things about her just because you think you could change her, or use her beauty as an excuse to compensate for negative qualities. If you can't follow this simple rule, you are just heading for a disastrous relationship! For example, if you are looking for someone who is beautiful and honest, then don't just brush off her constant lying just because she is hot.

You need to demonstrate high standards to get a great woman. This also comes back to what I said in the beginning about mental toughness and being an alpha! If you cave in every time she does something that violates your standards, she will start to consider you as not good enough for her. That's why you have to walk away from women who aren't right for you, no matter how beautiful they are.

But if you already have a clear picture of the girl you want, then the next step will be to find her...


How to Find a Good Woman

Many say that you will never find a good long-term partner in a bar or a club. But that's not entirely true. While it's true that you are more likely to run into an intelligent girl at a library, don't just rule out a club or bar on a Friday night, especially when all the libraries are closed anyway. Hey, even the smart ones feel the need to let loose and enjoy themselves, so you will eventually run into them in places you least expect.

You could basically find someone great everywhere, you just have to look a little bit harder. While you won't find a good woman as often in clubs as you find girls who love to party (and who says they can't be good women?), it doesn't mean you will never find her there. That's why you shouldn't disqualify a location just because of something you have heard from someone else. Most guys have no idea how to attract women, that's why they will dismiss a location just because they haven't had success there. You, on the other hand, have to be different!

Your goal here should be to increase your odds, and the only way to do that is to go everywhere where you get the opportunity to meet new people. And of course, you should visit these places as often as possible. You can't really expect to find someone great if you only go out a couple of times per month. If you are serious about finding a great gal, you have to invest some time and energy into finding her. This means go out as often as possible and interact with everyone you think is worth it.


How to Keep a Good Woman Interested

Trust me, it's not hard to keep a good woman if you are a quality guy - no woman will dump a badass for a loser! So, if you have a hard time keeping her, then you have to do something many men aren't willing to do: you have to take a hard, honest look inside and figure out what you're doing wrong. While shifting the blame to someone else might make you feel better, it's not going to solve your problems. In fact, it's making them worse - you are keeping yourself down by creating limiting beliefs and start to make excuses why you're always at the losing end. So, instead of admitting that you need to find a solution and improve your life, you become a victim of your circumstances.

If you truly want to stand apart from guys who never succeed, you have to take action and work on your shortcomings. You have to work on yourself and demonstrate qualities that keep her attracted to you. And the right way to do this is to become someone most women consider as a catch. Neglect to do this and you will end up alone, or in a relationship where you're not really happy.

Now, how to actually keep her? Easy, demonstrate masculine qualities like:

Confidence – This really shouldn't come as a surprise to you - you have to work on your confidence. Even if you're already in a relationship with her, you still need to show her that you're confident. A relationship isn't the place where you get the permission to drag out all of your insecurities (often many guys do just that). Show her that she is with you for a reason – that you're a confident guy.

Dominance – Dominance doesn't mean you can command her around. It means taking charge in tough situations and handling them like a boss. It means doing the right things, even if she doesn't always agree with them. She needs to see that you can take care of things and stand your ground (if needed) to fully trust you.

Independence – You should keep your independence even in a relationship. You get into one because you want a long-term partner, not to find a mother/shrink/caretaker. Show a woman that you can take care of yourself and don't rely on her for emotional support. She needs to see that you can actually take care of your own problems.

Leadership – Being a leader in a relationship is extremely important. It's a lot of responsibility – making decisions for the both of you and always knowing where you're going. If you are unable to become the leader in your relationship, most quality women won't stay with you for very long because they know that they'll always find someone who can.

Purposefulness – Maybe the most important quality is to have a certain goal in your life. A mission. Something you follow every day. Most guys make their woman their mission and lose her this way. Your mission should be bigger than her and you should work on it tirelessly every day. Someone who lacks a direction in life is basically telling her that he is not ready for a relationship simply because he hasn't figured out what he wants from his life.

These are just some of the things you need to follow to keep a woman interested in you. If you think that this is a lot of work, then you still have a long way to go to keep a quality woman interested in you. Of course, don't forget to do what every other man who's in a relationship does and treat her nice (cherish and appreciate her) but never keep relying on it to keep her happy. To truly make a woman happy, be who she wants you to be – a mentally strong man she can depend on.


What's Next?

Now you should have a basic idea of how to find a good woman and keep her. But one thing this article didn't cover is how to turn a girl you just met into your girlfriend. That's because this topic is very extensive and can't be condensed into one article alone. And if you're serious about finding a good woman and making her a long time partner, then this is something you should focus on. If you need help with that, then here's something to help you:

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