This is How to Get a Girlfriend if You're Ugly

A cute couple togetherWhenever I see a question like "how to get a girlfriend if your ugly?" I can safely assume that the guy asking it has low self-esteem. I can also immediately tell that he isn't happy with his current situation and blames his looks for it. In reality, though, his lack of success with women has very little to do with his appearance.

The truth is that 9 out of 10 guys aren't actually ugly and have just let themselves go. With a little grooming and some time in the gym, they can easily fix their ugliness. Yes, that's all it takes. Groom yourself, put on nice clothes, work out and you will start to look average (if not even above average). But what if you truly are ugly...


What If You Really Are Ugly?

If you truly are one of the unlucky ones, don't give up just yet. There is still hope for you. Just know that fixing your situation is not going to be an easy task. But since you are here and still reading this, I can at least assume that you are committed doing exactly that. So let take a look at how to fix your problem and get you the girlfriend you always wanted.

Now, before you can improve your situation, I think it's best if you knew what women are actually looking for in a man. If you assume that it's looks because you never have any luck with the ladies, then you are mistaken. You see, while your appearance plays some role in attraction, it's not even the deciding factor. If you take care of one of the most important parts (apart from grooming yourself, keeping yourself fit and wearing clothes that fit you) that is your mindset, your appearance will become trivial.

The thing that matters the most is how you present yourself. If you act and think like a boss, you will eventually become one! And that's what ultimately will be the deciding factor. Women will look past your appearance when they see that you are a self-confident person. A guy who, despite being ugly, still looks and acts like he is the best will also be attractive to the opposite gender - pull this off and girls will want to meet you.

A man who doesn't see himself as ugly will also not be limited by his appearance. If you become this person, women will also start to find you attractive. Maybe they will never consider you good looking, but they will definitely start looking at you differently. Like I already mentioned, you also need to hustle and work more than the pretty boy to get the girl, but if you are a man who can face challenges, you're going to find a girlfriend.


The Solution that Gets You a Girlfriend

While you can't immediately make the shift from caring too much about your appearance to not caring at all, you can at least start by just being fine with it. When you meet a girl for the first time, she is not going to disqualify you just because of your face. But even if she does, you can still turn it around, so don't let this get to you. When a woman looks at you, she often sees more than just your appearance. She looks at your behavior and the way you carry yourself. And if she likes what she sees, she will find you attractive no matter how ugly you are.

Attractiveness isn't all about looks. So, when you want to be attractive, be fine with being ugly. You can not change your appearance (to some extent) but you can change the way you see yourself. And trust me, if you start seeing yourself as attractive (capable, interesting, funny, powerful, positive etc.) despite being ugly, women will notice this in you.

There is a reason why sometimes the ugly guy gets the hot chick – he doesn't give a shit about his appearance. He doesn't use it as an excuse why he can't get her. He just goes after every girl he likes and eventually finds the one! Sure, some girls will have an issue with his appearance, but if he displays characteristics that women find attractive, most girls will consider him attractive.

So what can you learn from all of this? Try to improve your appearance as much as you can, but more importantly, learn to be fine with being ugly and never use it as an excuse! And if you followed my advice above and put this limiting belief aside, you will get a girlfriend.

Of course, a girlfriend won't just magically appear into your life out of the blue, you still have to go out and find her. And if this is also something you struggle with, then you will probably need the Girlfriend Activation System. Since you probably have low self-esteem right now, it will transform the way you think and turn you into a more confident man. But you will also learn about all the traits that women find attractive in a man, and how to cultivate them. After you have internalized the taught concepts, you aren't going to see yourself as "ugly" anymore!

Now, to the girlfriend part... Since it's called "Girlfriend" Activation System, it will obviously also teach you how to get one. This is where this course really shines. It will take your hand and step-by-step guide you through all the necessary phases you have to go through, before getting a girlfriend. After finishing this course, and doing everything it tells you to, you will be confident (along with other attractive traits) and have no problems attracting a girl and making her your girlfriend.


In Conclusion

Now you know everything you need to know about getting a girlfriend if you're ugly. And seriously, if you put the work in, don't let your limiting beliefs hold you down and get right back up when getting knocked down, you will find a girlfriend who loves you.

Just remember that your appearance is just one part of yourself. If you work hard on growing the other parts, eventually you will not even consider your looks as an issue. Never use your looks as an excuse and you will get far!

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