Why You Should Appreciate When She Tests You

Pretty girl keeping silentGetting a test thrown at them by a girl is for a lot of guys a really stressful thing. Because of their fear of screwing things up with her, they see shit tests as something inherently bad. But actually, they aren't as bad as many men believe.

That's because whenever a woman decides to tests you, you will immediately learn something about her. Something that can remove some doubt and make you more comfortable in her presence. You could even go so far as to say that when women test you, it's a positive thing and you should look forward to it.

You are probably wondering what this is, so better read on…


Why It's a Good Thing That She Tests You

You see, whenever a girl throws a shit test at you, you can be certain that she is at least a bit curious about you. It also means that she wants to get to know you better. Now, she obviously can not read your mind and asking you outright will not really tell her who you actually are. This is why she either consciously or (very often) subconsciously tests you to make sure that you are the real deal.

There is a reason why women test you constantly - they want to know whether you are an alpha male or just a wannabe who pretends to be one. If they see through your facade and recognize you as someone who just pretends to be a strong and masculine man, they will lose attraction for you instantly. Women want an authentic man and if you can't be one, they want nothing to do with you.

Another thing that makes a female test a good thing for you is the fact that women don't just test anyone. They really see no point in testing a guy who they consider a loser. Women only test guys who they consider a catch and "worthy" of their attention. Just think about it: if you are attracted to skinny girls, would even consider dating any big girl? Of course not! You only go for the girls you are attracted to and the same goes for a woman when she looks at men.

For this reason, you should start looking at tests as a form of compliment. If she tests you, she is interested and sees you as a potential mate. She just wants to be certain before she seals the deal and invests into you. That's why it is important for you to pass her tests and show her that you are the man who she wants.


In Conclusion

Learn to appreciate when a woman tests you. She sees something in you and just wants to be sure, so don't take it personally. Instead of getting annoyed by tests, focus on passing them. Show her that you are a man who will stay authentic even when faced with a shit test from her. Do not let her tests get to you.

Hey, and who knows, maybe the knowledge that women test you because they find you interesting will even give you a new perspective and eliminate the fear and anxiety that usually surfaces when getting tested by a girl.

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