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Flirting with women can leave some men baffled because they have absolutely no idea how to flirt with a girl!

Usually these guys just stumble into the interaction hoping for the best. Of course, this will more often than not backfire and just create uncomfortable social situations.

That’s why guys like this should learn how to flirt with women.

7 Tips on Flirting

So, here are 7 tips on flirting with women that might help you out.

If you follow them, you will definitely improve your interactions with the opposite sex.

1. Know what you are doing

If you don’t know what the hell you are doing, you attempts to flirt with a woman will just create awkward situations.

Beautiful women get hit on a lot, so naturally they have experiences with flirting. They know that most men will use the same basic routines that are repetitive and boring.

This means that if you differentiate yourself from other men, you will have a better chance to build attraction.

So, if you learn the correct way to flirt with a woman, you will make a real difference.

In her eyes, this will make you very different from other men who have no idea what they are doing and just create embarrassing situations that could have been easily avoided.

2. Be a good communicator

If you lack the needed social skills, you can’t turn a woman on.

Women like people with whom they can connect and who make them comfortable.

This means that men who can make them feel at home wherever they are, will have a massive advantage over other guys.

Being a good communicator also means that you are always the one who is leading the conversation in the desired direction – the direction you want.

You are the one who makes the conversation fun and interesting.

Also, it’s always important to make her comfortable enough to open up and get her talking about the things she loves.

If you want to become a better conversationalist then here is a course that can teach you the needed skills: Say Hello.

3. Make her laugh

While we are still on the subject of conversation, one major requirement in flirt with a woman is to be funny.

Yeah I know, this one is too obvious, but some guys still forget that flirting has to be fun!

No, not by telling awkward jokes!

I mean, something that will make her laugh and keep her smiling. Funny experiences you’ve had and light bantering are just two things that can make a real difference.

Avoid sexual jokes (especially in the beginning) and toilet humor so you won’t look like a creep.

Also, never make yourself look like a clown by making jokes at your own expense. She should be laughing with you and not over you!

4. Touch her gently

The ultimate purpose of flirting is to build attraction between the two of you.

However, if there is no touching, there is hardly any attraction!

Gently touching her while you talk, will make a lasting impression on her. If she loosens up while you touch her, she is probably comfortable with you and will start to touch you back.

Touch her without making it look so painfully obvious.

If she sees that you are trying desperately to touch her, she will reject your advances.

When you touch her, make it playful and fun. Make it look like it’s the most natural thing to you.

5. Be confident and show it

Confidence is the key. Knowing that she is looking throughout the whole interaction for indicators of confidence is already half the battle.

Staying confident is the other half. If you manage to do that, you will demonstrate it through your body language, the way you carry yourself and the way you talk to her.

Also, it’s crucial to hold eye contact with her!

If you can’t look a woman in the eyes and let your own eyes nervously wander around, she will know you are not alpha material and will not respond so favorably to your advances.

Holding strong eye contact is so important, that you could actually flirt with a woman by only using your eyes.

6. Banter with her

It is all about making yourself different from the rest. That’s why joking around and teasing is such a good way to flirt with a girl.

Women love to banter with men who know how to make them laugh at the same time. Bantering, if done right, also builds up sexual tension between a man and a woman.

Just one warning here, don’t go too far with this, otherwise she might think you are mocking her and lose interest.

7. Always have a positive mindset

No matter what, having a positive mindset is a must when you flirt.

Keep in mind that flirting is supposed to be a fun activity!

If you always move your interactions into that direction, you will have a bigger chance of building attraction with a woman.

Going Beyond Flirting

Always assuming the best result is a great way to flirt. Well, actually it’s a great way to live!

I hope you can take something away from these 7 basic tips.

If you have decided to learn more about flirting, building attraction and how to behave when interacting with the opposite sex, then check out the course Rules of the Alpha Male.

It’s packed with valuable advice on how to make yourself an attractive man and live the lifestyle of one.


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