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Have you ever been in a situation where you meet a girl and immediately hit it off with her? A situation, where everything goes so well you start to play with the idea that she might actually be “the one”?

But then, everything changes… she starts acting weird and pulling away from you.

And you have no idea why!

What’s worse, nothing you do helps. In fact, the more you do, the worse it gets!

Eventually she stops talking to you completely and you know it in your gut – you’ve lost her.

So, what went wrong?

I’ve been in this situation more times than I can count (or want to) and let me tell you, it comes down to one thing:

You don’t know how to keep a girl interested and thus make simple mistakes that push her away.

And these mistakes, along with something even more important, are what we are going to focus one…

How to Lose Her Interest… Fast

There can be many reasons why girls lose interest in you. But there are two major ones that will come back to bite you in the ass, if you don’t avoid them:

  1. You rush.
  2. You invest too much (too early).

So, let’s take a look at them and see what you can actually do so it won’t happen again.

1. Rushing Things

One of the biggest mistakes many guys make when they meet a girl they like, is rushing. They want a relationship with her as soon as possible.

And the reason for this is simple: They are afraid of losing her.

Girls, though, aren’t interested in jumping head first into a relationship with a stranger. They prefer to take things slow. To get to know each other. To fall in love!

They want things to happen naturally!

Furthermore, a guy in a hurry raises red flags! It reveals desperation that squashes any romantic interest she has! It tells her to steer clear!

For her, it’s a clear sign that he hasn’t been with a someone for a very long time. And because this, his constant need for affection is going to suffocate her once she agrees to date him.

And that’s an instant turn-off for most women!

So, to avoid this scenario, all you really have to do is to stop yourself from rushing things.

Yes, it’s actually that easy. All it takes is some discipline and change in attitude!

If you take a relaxed attitude towards getting into a relationship. If you stop rushing things. She will actually want to give the relationship a try!

Women know that a guy who shows interest, but isn’t in a hurry to get into a relationship, is worth it.

And if this didn’t convince you why rushing is pointless. Then here’s something that might will:

There are no guarantees when it comes to relationships! Jumping head first into one to “seal the deal” doesn’t guarantee she’s going to stay in it!

If you turn out to be someone she doesn’t want, there’s nothing that will keep her in a relationship with you!

It’s not a binding commitment! If she thinks that you are the wrong man for her, she will still dump you and move on.

But now you’re already too invested. Now it’s going to be more painful for you!

So instead of a small sting, it’s going to feel like a gut punch.

And this brings us nicely to the next topic…

2. Investing Too Much

Another mistake guys often make is “investing” in a girl they just met.

They become obsessed with her and turn her into someone “more special” than she actually is.

Sometimes they even add characteristics onto her she doesn’t even have!

When a woman notices this, it becomes an instant turn off because it’s (again) extremely desperate!

While it’s true that girls want to feel special, they also want to be with someone they consider as special. And stranger who worships the ground they walk on is definitely not special!

A desirable man has options, he simply does not fall for every girl he meets. Only someone without options is going to latch onto the very first pretty girl that pay attention to him.

And most women know that! They try to avoid this guy like the plague!

For this reason, you should avoid getting too attached to a girl you barely know!

When you’re already in a committed relationship with her, then you can… and should… show her how much she means to you. But never before that!

If you stay emotionally distant, even a bit indifferent, she will stay interested in you.

Hell, she might even start to chase you, because you look like someone who has options – someone who has value.

How to Keep Her Interested

Before we can move on, there’s one thing you’ll have to understand:

The above mentioned examples are symptoms of a bigger underlying problem.

While you can keep a woman’s interest by avoiding them, it’s not going to be enough in the long run!

Remember when I said that rushing into a relationship is desperate?
Well, that’s not something you can just decide to turn off!

If you’re needy or desperate in one situation, it’s likely that you wouldn’t do any better in other situations. It means that you’re desperate overall.

So, it’s not what you do, but who you are that is going to make the difference!

This means that you could be saying and doing everything right. But the second a woman meets “the real you”, she’s going to lose interest!

Of course, I didn’t bring these things up to knock you down or to tell you how hopeless everything is. There’s actually a lot you can do!

The reason why I brought them up is to steer you in the right directions:

Instead of obsessing over how to keep a girl interested in you, fix the real problem that keeps pushing her away!

While you should avoid scenarios where you rush and invest too much too soon, you also should do more!

You should take a deep hard look at your current situation and see if there’s room for improvement! Especially if you have no idea why girls keep pulling away from you.

Oftentimes this means adopting a completely different mindset and working on traits like confidence, competence, dominance, independence and so on.

You should be happy with who you are and know what you could offer a woman. This way you will keep her interested and attracted.

This article only scratches the surface of this very deep topic. I would suggest you to do more research on this topic. Even better, get my book that’s designed to give you a new perspective – the kind that makes women attracted to you!

In Conclusion

A girls interest in you basically boils down to her attraction for you. If you can’t keep her attracted, you will also lose her interest.

That’s why turning yourself into someone who naturally attracts women is going to be the best solution!

Not only will it fix this specific problem, but also help you to fix most of the problems you face in your interactions with women.

Again, if you are serious about changing the way women respond to you, do something about it!


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