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Power plays a key role in attraction. That’s why it’s no wonder that almost all women are attracted to power. They secretly desire a man who is powerful!

There is, however, a huge misconception about power many guys still believe to be true.

The reason for this is simple: a lot of guys still quite don’t understand what kind of power makes a man irresistible to girls.

The result of this confusion leads many guys chasing the wrong kind of things wasting their time and energy on something that will actually make matters worse!

That’s why this article will clear up this misconception about power and women and give you a better idea of what they actually want.

The Wrong Kind of Power

If you think about powerful men, the first thing that might come to your mind is the one thing most of them have in common – they have cash, a lot of it.

To this day, guys still believe that women are only attracted to wealthy men because of their money. Therefore, they assume that the only way to get hot women is to become wealthy themselves.

There’s no secret that money represents power.

The majority of powerful people you met were also probably all wealthy. So, when you have a lot of money, you surely have power, right?

It may sound like a solid theory, but if you start to analyze it more deeply, you will notice that the answer isn’t actually that simple.

In fact, in most cases, the answer is a resounding “NO”.

The problem with this kind of reasoning is the assumption that guys who have become powerful, did it thanks to money. This might even be true for a few, but for most of them, it’s because they were already powerful to begin with!

This means that most men are wealthy because they are powerful!

And if you are still in doubt, think about this: there are many men who are very rich but still have no success with women. They try their hardest to get a woman by giving her everything she asks for, but still fail miserably because they don’t know what she actually wants.

What’s even worse, the only women they attract with this kind of attitude are gold-diggers.

Because too many men assume that the power they need comes from money, they fail to see what is actually important. And that’s why they lack what’s needed to attract women themselves.

So what kind of power is actually important?

The Power That Attracts Women

The power I am talking about doesn’t come from any external factors like money.

This power can be found only within you! And I’m not talking about spiritual power or some BS like that. I am talking about the raw masculine power – something every guy has.

Some men just have more of it than others!

Women can sense this kind of masculine power in men, and this is a huge turn-on for them. That’s why some men who aren’t particularly rich or handsome still have the hottest women chasing them.

They know how to bring out this raw masculine power!

So, if you want to have success with the women, you have to find yours. In order to do that, you have to let go of all the external factors that you think will make you significant.

Money, a fast car, a big house, designer clothes and other things are all nice, but they don’t really define you as a man! Take them away, and what’s left, is the true you.

That’s why, whenever you want to attract women, never use stuff you own. Instead, think of what you, as a man, can offer to a woman.

Don’t assume you have to provide for her or shower her with things, this way you only come across as overcompensating. It will just let a woman know that you don’t feel secure in your own body and need things to make up for it.

The only thing she needs from you is your uniqueness. You might think that this sounds cheesy but it’s true.

No real woman wants to meet a guy who needs things to make up for his shortcomings, she wants to meet a man with a great character. Show her what you’re made of and if she likes what she sees, she’ll also want to be with you.

Never assume your worth as a man depends on the things you own. If you understand this and know that you can offer her more than money can buy, you will be a powerful man!

In Short

Women are attracted to power – the masculine power!

A man who recognizes that the most important thing he can offer to a woman is himself, is in touch with his masculine power.

Find this power in yourself and you will be attractive and have success with women!


  1. Probably the first thing guys who are interested in improving their success with women need to read (before the David Deangelo's and the Mysterys etc). The power you describe in my case comes and goes... it's more like a state. Sometimes I have it for a few days, weeks and months and then I can also loose it mainly because this info slips to the back of my mind. I met a young German drug dealer and he had power... good girls who were really attractive (some of the hottest girls I had seen) fell over themselves to be with him. He ended up being caught by the police and is serving time behind bars. Internal power... to know that you are the boss of your life and that you are able to stand up for and defend yourself weather through your ability to talk people out of harming you or through a display of physical strength (having both is probably better but I'm a skinny guy so I don't know). Your ability to win is key! If you know that you can win in life you will feel internal power. When you meet women you will be more like "what have you got to offer me," rather than "I live in this cool house, I've done XY and Z, I met so and so etc." You will be internally validated and you will be able to validate others by being kind to others, listening to them, being courteous etc. We have all experienced this internal power and we've experienced being what David D calls "being a wuss." Thanks John for this excellent article and I look forward to reading your others.

  2. I am a woman & just did a google search to find out why I'm attracted to the concept of powerful men- and I don't mean ones with $, fancy cars or prestigious careers. To me power is almost synonymous with self-esteem and not being a people-pleaser. I do care about morals and good qualities (I might be a bit atypical as I know many women would compromise their standards if a man could offer them things like financial security or status). But to me power is about not living your life to impress others. Like yoked-up meat-heads at the gym. That's off-putting no matter how good looking you may be. I care about the exterior but also the interior. The brain is sexy. I don't care so much about how much you make. Anyhow, you're article was dead on the money. Women are truly taken with men who own it. Who have flaws but aren't apologetic or insecure about them. We still like humility, but 'manliness' that comes from self-esteem and courage, integrity and being comfortable in your own skin, among other things, are to me what gives a man 'power.' Great article.

  3. I have this power the writer is speaking of. It has brought me fame as well. I developed an intensely natural physique and had been challenged physically by other men in hand to hand combat. I took on three guys and defended myself once. People try to take this power from me now by giving psychotic eye contact and physically harming me. I was recently hit by a car while walking and have had guns pulled on me because of it. Because these individuals wanted power over me. Now, when I walk into a coffee shop, the women pour in, all wanting to see me and be around me. It is very intense and turns those who witness it into instant envy killers. They go psycho when they see it. And I end up fighting, or having to leave. But I always make sure I leave with my mark that I am choosing to leave because I wish to. And that I can turn the place upside down, women included, if it deems necessary. I am a lion. Women seek to be in my pride.

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    Jan 24, 2017 at 9:07pm

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