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Powerful Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text

A woman holding a mobile phone

If you want to build rapport with a woman over text messages, you should ask her something about herself. There are a lot of great questions to ask, and then there are also questions you should absolutely ask.

The Best Texts to Send a Girl You Like

Cute girl texting

Texting women shouldn't be that big of a deal. If you think that they only respond to the best text messages (something you possibly can't always come up with) then you are mistaken.

However, if you still believe this is to be true, then here's an article that is definitely going to change your mind.

Texting a Girl for The First Time

A girl looking surprised at the text she got

So, you want to send a girl a text message for the first time? You better not screw this up! You do know what happens when you screw it up right? Exactly! Nothing happens! You will never get a reply from her!

For this reason, you have to make your first text unique. Oh, and did I tell you you are probably competing with other guys as well? This means that you have to stand out from the rest, or your message will just end up in the sea of all the "never replied" messages in her phone.

How to Tease a Girl Through Text Messages

A pretty girl reading a text message

If you know how to tease a girl, you can instantly start building attraction with her. That's why teasing her over text can also be used to your advantage.

So, if you decide to learn how to tease a girl through text messages, you first have to know some things about teasing in general.

How to Text a Girl You Barely Know

Someones reading a text message

For some guys, sending a text message to a girl they like is a real challenge. But even harder is it to send a message to a girl you barely know, someone who you just met.

It can be a challenge coming up with things to write a girl. How should you start the message? What should you write? What to write so she definitely replies?