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Learn everything you would ever need to know about phone game – how to call a girl, what to text her, how to ask her out on a date.

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A cute woman smiling while texting.

5 Simple Rules for Texting a Girl

Do you struggle with texting? Well, then here are 5 rules that will help you to make it a bit easier! Just keep in mind that…

A cute girl is smiling and thinking about something while texting on the phone.

The Best Texts to Send a Girl You Like

Texting women shouldn’t be that big of a deal. If you think that they only respond to the best text messages – something you possibly can’t always come up with – then you are mistaken. You can always…

A woman is very surprised by a text message someone sent her.

Texting a Girl for The First Time

So, you want to send a girl a text message for the first time? You better not screw this up! You do know what happens when you screw it up right? Exactly! Nothing happens! You will never get a reply from her!

A bold, attractive girl looking very surprised at her mobile phone.

How to Tease a Girl Through Text Messages

If you know how to tease a girl, you can instantly start building attraction with her. That’s why teasing her over text can also be used to your advantage.

So, if you decide to learn how to tease a girl through text messages, you first have to know some things about teasing in general.

A cute girl smiling while she is texting on her phone.

How to Text a Girl You Barely Know

For some guys, sending a text message to a girl they like is a real challenge. But even harder is it to send a message to a girl you barely know, someone who you just met.

It can be a challenge coming up with things to write a girl. How should you start the message? What should you write? What to write so she definitely replies?