A cute girl is smiling and thinking about something while texting on the phone.

It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that some guys struggle with texting girls.

They have a hard time figuring out what exactly to send someone they have a crush on. Because they really like her and badly want to make it work, they spend way too long about thinking of the perfect message to send her.

But actually, it isn’t that difficult, as long as you stick to a specific blueprint you will do just fine.

Every girl is different and they will respond to your messages differently. While some may find a specific thing funny and interesting, others might not react to it the same way.

That’s why finding the “perfect message” that works every time on every girl is not something you should be looking for. In fact, you don’t even need to craft some overly convoluted, canned message to a girl.

As long as you do some things right and avoid the bigger pitfalls, you will get a positive response.

How to Craft the Perfect Message

Your first goal while texting should be to make it fun for her. If you can do that, you are already halfway there.

Every guy that can make a girl laugh, will also get a response from her.

Learn to do that and she will eagerly wait for your messages (if you need help with that, then the Options Texting System will teach you).

Making sure your texts are funny isn’t only a good way to get a response, but girls are actually attracted to guys who don’t take things too seriously and can make them laugh.

There are different ways you can make texting fun for her.

If you aren’t the funniest guy around, there are other ways you can bring a smile to her face without cracking joke after joke.

Probably the easiest way is to tease her through text messages. Girls react well to being teased in a flirtatious way.

Poke fun of her (not in an insulting but in a playful manner) and she will react to it and respond.

This not only heightens the mood of the conversation but also makes her see you as a confident guy because you’re not trying to impress or suck up to her.

Of course, your teasing could also lead to bantering. This is where she actually invests in the conversation and engages you by teasing back.

Bantering doesn’t necessarily mean disagreeing or arguing with the other person but more like playful fighting – you make fun of her and she counters.

This not only makes her open up to you, but it also helps her to become more comfortable talking to you.

Now, if you want to joke around and have fun, then be authentic with it.

This means that you shouldn’t try to make jokes that she might find funny.

If you are sending a message to put a smile on her face, you better be smiling yourself! Only send things you yourself genuinely find funny.

No high-status man tries too hard to make her laugh, he has fun and engages her in it.

Another important thing is to keep your interaction with her relatively short.

Your goal should be to meet her face-to-face.

No matter how fun your texting sessions are, she can’t really “fall for you” unless you meet up with her. So, instead of focusing on the best texts to send a girl you like, focus on getting her to meet up with you.

Even when your conversations start out great and pick up momentum, eventually they will die down if they lead nowhere.

What does this mean to you?

Well, for once, don’t beat around the bush! You should be quite direct with her.

Even when you are joking around with her, the conversation should still be leading to a date. This is why you have to push for it as soon as possible.

And tell her… don’t ask… that you want to go out with her!

Offer her a time and location and don’t give up before she agrees to it, or shuts you out completely.

There is no point in wasting your time and energy on a girl who has no intentions of meeting up with you.

And if you really want to joke around with her, you can still do that, but be sure to secure the date first. This way you still have a chance to see her, even when your conversation gets too long-winded and dies down.

So, the best texts you can send to a girl should all be fun and get to the point as fast as possible.

But let’s briefly take a look at the pitfalls as well, this way you will get a better overview.

The Mistakes of Texting a Girl

It is really obvious but so many guys still miss the mark on this – if you don’t get a message from her right away, never start bombarding her with follow-up messages.

While you may grow impatient when she doesn’t respond to you immediately, you need to have some discipline and wait at least a day for her to answer.

Constant texting and checking up on her with every passing hour is a no-go and will make you look desperate.

You should also avoid complimenting her too much.

Sure, feel free to compliment her right after you tease her, but never go full “compliment mode” on her where you tell her how special she is and how lucky you are talking to her.

Again, you will just look desperate.

Like I already mentioned before, don’t send her messages that could be considered “filler”.

It adds nothing to the text exchange and takes you away from your goal (meeting her). Not only that, but she will just lose interest if you don’t engage her emotionally.

This also goes for making your text too long-winded. If you send her a wall of text, she might not even bother with responding.

Text messages should be short and get to the point. If she has to read an essay from you, she won’t be entertained.

In short, don’t be boring or she will lose interest!

Last but not least, you need to avoid looking desperate or too eager when you text her. I know, I already mentioned this but it’s vital because too many guys go wrong with this.

As mentioned before, they either send her walls of text or start sucking up to her. Even texting her every time immediately after receiving her messages can make you seem like you’re too desperate.

You have to get rid of desperation, not only will it mess up your text game, but it also screws you over when you meet up with her.

The Best Texts to Send a Girl You Like

So, let’s put this all together:

  1. Your texts should be fun and get straight to the point.
  2. They don’t have to be perfect, but need to be devoid of boredom and fluff.
  3. Don’t overcomplicate things by trying to come up with the best texts.
  4. Texting should still be a fun activity you both can enjoy.
  5. If you are texting girls, don’t overthink things and whatever you do…
  6. Never show that you are desperate for her affection!

There really is no perfect text message to send her. Just follow these simple steps and you will do just fine.

Of course, this article only scratched the surface.

If you want to dive into specifics, then you should take a look at the Options Texting System.

It will completely change the way you text girls! It will give you a better idea of how to improve your texting, what women think when receiving your messages, and help you avoid even more mistakes along the way.

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