How to Naturally Attract a Woman

Very hot girl blindfoldedThe very first thing you have to know what it means to attract women naturally is that it isn't something you do passively. This means that you don't just stumble into a group of women and every one of them will love you. It just doesn't work that way! The right way to naturally attract women still means that you are the one who makes the first step!

So, this means that when you want to naturally attract women, you have to either be a natural yourself or someone who learns the needed skillset and mentality. But let's take a closer look at these two men.


The Natural

Probably every one of us knows a guy like that. He has a new girl every week, and all of them are in love with him and chase him. The natural is a guy who is naturally good with women (duh!). This means that he has no problems going up to them and starting a conversation.

If you told him that it is hard to attract women, he would give you a confused look and just answer with "just be yourself, man!". To him, picking up women comes naturally and he feels (usually) no need to get better at it.

The one thing that makes him different from all the others is that he isn't stifled and doesn't worry as much about the outcome as most men do. This gives him the confidence to approach and talk to women freely without worrying about things like getting rejected or being shamed.

A natural has probably never been socially conditioned to worry what others think of him. Most likely, that because the people around him didn't shame him as a kid when he said or did something that is socially frowned upon ("don't bother others," "don't stare at people," "what will others think of you if…?"). Because of this, he is free to act the way as he pleases.

Since we now know how the natural behaves around women, let's look at the other guy.


The Other Guy

Now, since this guy hasn't had the luxury of escaping shaming in his youth, he has grown up to act "correctly" around others. This means that he feels guilty when approaching women (something that is expected of men in our society) because he doesn't want to bother them. Because of this, he has approach anxiety and worries too much what others think of him when he steps out of line.

But since he has learned that this isn't the right way for a real man to live, he refuses to stay this way and accept mediocrity, and therefore he has decided to improve his life. And usually, his first step is to develop his social skills and become better with women.

Since he has been held back for so long, this guy has to learn everything that comes naturally to a natural from the beginning. He has to get rid of all the social restrictions and force himself to become the kind of man women naturally respond to – someone who is confident and unapologetic.

If he finally goes through his transformation, he comes out as a different person.


How to Attract Women Naturally?

If you are one the guys who belongs to the second group (and when you're reading this, you probably are), you should know that there are no magical fixes. It takes time and effort to become good. But if you do, it will be worth it.

The things you need to do is to work on your social skills and improve your confidence. You need to totally change your mindset about women and yourself. You need to give yourself the freedom to act the way you want and not become burdened by the opinions of others.

I know that you came here expecting something else, most likely an answer to "how to naturally attract a woman," but you should be aware, that no matter how much you search for it, you won't find the complete answer in one place. The best thing you can do is to work on your problems not expecting immediate results. Just try to take these things step-by-step, because this is the only this way you will become a man who truly attracts women naturally.

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