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In this article, I will give you the blueprint for attracting women naturally. And I’m also going to teach you what it takes to do that!

But before we start, let’s make one thing absolutely clear here: if you’re looking for a shortcut, you won’t find it here… nor anywhere else! Because this shit is not going to be easy!

It takes work and dedication!

Neither is natural attraction something that allows you to be passive in your interactions with women! You can’t just walk up to a group of women and expect all of them to be instantly smitten by you!

The right way to naturally attract women still means that you are the one who initiates! It means you still actively lead the interaction and demonstrate traits that help you to build rapport with women.

“You’re wrong! I have this friend who always gets the girl effortlessly!” I hear you say.

Well, in this case, we first have to take a closer look at what your friend actually does… and why you can’t do the same (at least effortlessly)!

The Way of the “Natural”

Probably every one of us knows a guy like that. He has a new girlfriend every week, and every single one is madly in love with him and chases him relentlessly. This guy is called a natural… because he is naturally good with women (duh!).

If you told him that it is hard to attract women, he would give you a confused look and just answer with “Just be yourself, man!”. To him, all of this comes naturally – It’s deeply embedded in his nature.

So, what’s his secret?

The one thing that makes him different from all the other guys is that he is not restrained and is fully aware of his value. This gives him the confidence to approach and talk to women freely without worrying about things like getting rejected.

And most likely, this all stems from his childhood – he has never been “socially conditioned” to worry about what others think of him. The people around him didn’t destroy his self-confidence as a kid by scolding him for things that are socially not acceptable:

  • “Don’t bother others!”
  • “Don’t stare at people!”
  • “What will others think of you if…?”

Because of this, he is free to act the way he pleases. He exudes confidence and a kind of attitude that screams “I’m a catch!” He will go up to any girl and immediately get her interest because he knows his own worth.

He won’t look for a woman to define himself because he already knows who he is.

It is actually easy to understand the mindset of a naturally attractive guy:

He never compromises his own beliefs for other people. He has a healthy set of boundaries and he expects others to respect them. His worth as a man comes from within himself and not from the people surrounding him.

With such an attitude and mindset, he is unstoppable!

So, this is why your friend makes it seem effortless – because it is, for him!

I already gave you the clue why, but just in case, let’s look at someone to whom this doesn’t come naturally – you.

The Other Guy (You)

Since you most likely didn’t have the luxury of escaping shaming in your youth, you have grown up to act “correctly” around others.

This means that you feel guilty when approaching women because you don’t want to bother them. As a result, you get anxious when doing it and worry too much about what others might think of you when you step out of line.

You have been socially conditioned to stay in your line and act nice! And this is why it’s at the moment so difficult to learn natural attraction – no matter how hard you try to act naturally, it’s not natural.

But this doesn’t mean you have to give up. There’s still hope!

Since you’re here reading this, you probably already know this and are looking for a way to do it.

And the only way to do that is to improve who you are, which isn’t easy!

So, this is the reason why I started this article the way I did – you have to accept the fact that it’s going to be difficult for you.

How to Attract Women Naturally?

Okay, we now figured out that there are no magical fixes for you. This means that this transformation of yours will require you to become a different person – a better version of yourself!

So, here are things you have to do to achieve your task.

Get Rid of Your Baggage

So your first step would be to get rid of the excess baggage you have been dragging along all the time. You need to start giving yourself permission to act the way you want and not become burdened by the opinions of others.

This also means learning everything that comes naturally to the “natural”. You will have to rid yourself of all the social restrictions and force yourself to become the kind of man women naturally respond to – someone who is confident and has the right mindset.

Support Your New Image of Yourself

Now, I could feed you all the facts in the world and give you a nice pep-talk on top of it like how you shouldn’t be affected by the behaviors of other people, or why setting strong, healthy boundaries will make women attracted to you.

But this will do you no good until you have internalized them into your own belief system! You have to let go of old ideas you assumed to be true and replace them with a new mindset. You have to know, that you are a guy every woman wants to meet and will be attracted to from the moment she sees you.

Only then can you start attracting quality women into your life.

One sure way to really get to the stage where you become a man women feel naturally attracted to is to find evidence for this new belief and reinforce it with experiences and facts that support it.

This means, having a good balance of theory and practice! So my best advice for you here is to go out, meet new people, and gather these experiences!

Additionally, find material that gives you supporting evidence to these experiences until you know that this stuff really works. Improve your social skills and improve your confidence and in turn, you become someone who naturally attracts women.

Put Yourself First

If you really want to be naturally attractive, find something you love and spend time and heart on it. Give it a priority in life and don’t let anyone get in your way.

If a woman notices that you have ambition – a certain goal in life – something even she can’t take away from you (not that she would, but she will test you), she can’t help but feel attracted to you.

When a man dedicates himself to his mission, his time becomes valuable to himself, and he stops wasting it on others – a woman will find this attractive.

This in turn will also make him less needy and reactive to her behavior which furthermore leads to more attraction.

A man does not have to be rich, talented, and overly smart to attract women.

Having a firm set of beliefs and the right amount of experience will make you the guy who will attract women naturally.

Don’t Rely on Crutches

Like many guys before me, I tried “instant tactics and techniques” to attract women, but I never had any success. I failed miserably and for a long time couldn’t understand why.

Only after discovering the idea of an inner game, did I realize that there’s much more to attraction than I thought. And after familiarizing myself with the concept, did I finally start seeing results.

You see, when you want a girl to like you, you need to convey certain qualities to her. If you try to trick or manipulate her into liking you, she will see right through it.

And even if you should succeed at first, she will eventually feel that something is off (your behavior isn’t authentic) and lose interest in you.

The problem here is your lack of confidence. No matter what you say or how you behave, or even how good your tactics and other arbitrary abilities are, a woman will eventually see through them and starts losing attraction for you (if there was any to begin with).

Incongruent behavior with how you present yourself to a woman leads to being on the losing side. Even worse is the fact, that she will probably despise you for playing with her feelings, even if this wasn’t your intention.

Take Care of Yourself

One sure way to draw a woman’s attention is by taking care of your appearance. I said it before and will say it again: your looks don’t play such a big role, but you still have to look your best.

If you come across as a slob, you will have a much harder time building natural attraction with a woman than if you looked well groomed and psychically fit. So, start eating healthy, dressing well and hit the gym!

If you decide to take care of yourself, you will also feel better – you become more confident in your body. And surprise, surprise… you’ll also become more attractive to others.

Where to Move From Here?

So, if you accept the fact that success with women comes with change but don’t know yet where to start, then take a look at my recently launched course Rules of the Alpha Male.

It will tell you everything you have to know about becoming a man who has success with women (an alpha male).

Additionally, it will give you a good foundation of the inner game concepts and how to strengthen your beliefs in yourself.


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