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An attractive girl drinking coffee and texting on a mobile phone.

Powerful Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text

If you want to build rapport with a woman over text messages, you should ask her something about herself. There are a lot of great questions to ask, and then there are also questions you should absolutely ask.

A couple looking at each other while drinking tea.

Does Honesty Help You to Attract Girls

Did you know that honesty can really get you far with the women you meet? It’s true! Whenever you meet a girl you like, never hide your intentions from her. Because this is what makes you truly attractive to her!

A couple is sitting on a stool and embracing each other.

Become an Alpha Male Through Hypnosis

Hypnosis can be used for many things, but can you really use it to transform yourself into an alpha male? And if yes, how exactly do you do it?

A couple in bed embracing.

Girlfriend Activation System, Fake or Real?

Have you heard about the Girlfriend Activation System? What do you think of it? Is it fake or the real deal? Well, let’s just find out!

A man and woman having a conversation.

Best Conversation Topics with A Girl You Like

Feeling a bit awkward when talking to a girl you like. Don’t know what topics are okay to talk about.

Well, here you will find your answers to that.

An overweight red-haired man taking confidently a selfie.

How to Get a Girlfriend if You’re Ugly

Are you ugly? Really? Are you sure about that?

Well, then here is something that will help you to get a girlfriend anyway. But you have to be ready to…

A man touching a womans' cheek.

How to Approach a Girl at a Club

For a guy who wants to approach girls, night club can be a really chaotic place. So if you want to do it correctly, you better know what you are doing. This is why this article teach you how to do it correctly.