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A guy in a leather jacket giving a piggyback ride to his girlfriend.

How to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

Let’s be honest here: a man who doesn’t know how to keep his girlfriend happy is a man who has already lost her!

And if you’re one of the unlucky few who tries to do everything right but still fails miserably in this aspect, then this article is for you!

A close-up of a very attractive blue-eyed girl.

How to Find a Good Woman and Keep Her

Finding a great girl is a real challenge. But if you have no idea how to make her want to stay with you, you’re not even on the halfway mark. What you will have to do is…

A couple in nature holding hands.

How to Give Someone Space without Losing Them

Do you want to know how to give someone space without losing them? Then here you will find the answer…

A couple is kissing passionately on a bed.

How to Get a Girlfriend: The Step-by-Step Guide

Why is it so hard for some guys to get a great girlfriend? And how do you get a girl who is willing to stay with you even when times get rough?

If you’re single and looking for a girlfriend and have been asking the same questions, then here you will find the answers.

A cute brown-eyed girl is smiling at the camera.

How to Get a Loyal Girlfriend

Are you looking for a girlfriend who will never cheat on you? Yes? Well, then you have to do something first!

In fact, you will have to change a couple of things about yourself!

You need to turn yourself into a guy whom girls consider boyfriend material… otherwise, you will always face the same fate.

A man hugging a dark-haired woman while she holds roses.

How to Get a Girl Back After a Break Up

For a lot of guys, getting dumped by the girlfriend is probably the worst thing that can happen to them. Not only do they desperately try to win her back, but they will also lose all their common sense and start making one mistake after the other. In the end, she will never want to get back together again!

But to get her back, they have to go through a…

A man wearing glasses holding his hand in front of him and showing a stop-hand signal.

How to Set Healthy Relationship Boundaries

Having healthy boundaries in a relationship is important not only for you, but also for you partner. That’s why you have to know how to set them so both of you can have a happy and lasting relationship. Also when you lack boundaries, you might even run the risk of losing her.

A man and woman embracing passionately.

The Alpha Male in Relationships

Who of us doesn’t want to become an alpha male? The thing is however, that many guys who learn the initial steps to get a girlfriend usually revert back to their old ways after getting into a relationship with her. All because they haven’t yet internalized what they learned.

A sad man crying while his girlfriend comforts him.

Overcome Your Insecurity in Relationships

If you are naturally an insecure type of person, you have the habit of always taking everything more personal than you should. But when you get into a relationship with a girl you really like and you can’t let go of your insecurities, this relationship is not going to last very long.

You see, whenever you start a relationship with another person, you have to understand that they chose you for a reason. They are together with you because they want to! So the very last thing you should do is to start doubting in this reason.

A very beautiful woman is looking very intensely at the camera.

21 Signs You Are Stuck in the Friend Zone

Who of us hasn’t been in it? The dreaded friend zone! Every time you think it’s going really good with a girl you like, you suddenly find out that she just doesn’t see you in “that way”, or she “doesn’t want to ruin a beautiful friendship” for something like dating you.

If you never know where you stand with a woman, this article could help you to find out.

A man comforting a woman after breakup.

How to Break Up Like an Alpha Male

How does an alpha male break up with a woman? What does he say to her? How does he do it? If you ever wondered this, you might find answers in the following article.

A man feeding fries to his girlfriend at a restaurant.

Rules for Men – How to Behave On a First Date

The first date can be a bit scary for some men. I mean, you are going out with a girl you just met and who you really like. If everything goes well she could become your new life partner. So, it’s important that you show yourself in your best light. But what if you do something that messes things up? What do you do when you run out of topics to talk?

A man laughing and talking on his phone while his girlfriend looks angrily at him.

Choosing Between Your Friends and Your Girlfriend

Every time you get into a relationship, you naturally assume that you will be spending more time with your girlfriend. It’s totally normal. But there is always some guy who spends all his time with the partner and never takes the time to see his friends anymore.

When the relationship eventually falls apart and he tries to seek out his friends again, he suddenly expects them to be there for him again. But this is not how it works!

A man is carrying his girlfriend on his back while both look very happy.

Should You Take Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

When you break up with your girlfriend, it’s final. You can’t just go back and hope this time everything will be different. But is this the truth? Or can you actually go back and start anew?